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You Ask We Reply, May 25

When should we expect new achievements? What will they be?

Some new achievements will be ready in autumn. We’re busy tinkering with them and cannot name which ones will appear just yet. 

Do you plan on changing the AMX 40? At the moment the tank has no benefits if compared to tanks of the same tier.  It could make a good showing in a junior tank company, but has no acess to it.

At the moment, we do not plan any changes. 

Do you plan to reduce the battlet tier for heavies of tier 6?

Not at this time.

Will there be a new French TD line through the AMX 12t?  I'd like to know now so I can start saving EXP.

A full French TD line is coming; you can start saving experience for it.

Do you plan any graphics changes in 7.4? Perhaps some smoke reworking or dirt on tracks.

7.4 will not carry changes to graphics.

Crew question: are you considering adding an option to train crew for non-open vehicles?

No, we aren’t considering such an option.

For new battle modes will there be completely new maps added, or reworked older ones?

We’ll rework the current maps for new combat modes.

What advantages will the top French TD have?

It will be a powerful tank, but like every tank, it will have strengths and weaknesses.  You’ll have to wait for the release and judge for yourself what those are.

Will you give more exp for destroying a LT, or hitting its suspension?

We’re not planning any sort of a bonus for this.

Will you ever add in-game bosses, with medals and achievements for destroying them?

That is not something we’re considering.

Do you plan to release the plans for the entire year? We know, it’ll have plenty changes to the dates and content, but you’ll avoid loads of flooding on the forum. We already know about the tier 10 MT and TD, and about the Super Pershing, we saw some info about the substitute for T-50-2...

No, we won’t do that. We tried and it didn’t prove to be effective.

Should we expect Japanese tanks this year?

Not this year.

What is going to happen to consumables? Will you speed up the repair or firefighting interface by making it one click or key?

No, we do not plan changes in these interfaces. 

When the pan-European tree appears, what nationality will the crew be? Can we send a Czech crew member to a Polish tank, or do we have to take only Polish crew for it?

These details are being reviewed and planned now.

Will you ever add a mode WITHOUT BASES? I.e. the battle lasts until the last enemy is destroyed.

No, we rejected this mode long ago because it weakens the gameplay overall.

Will you add the option to create tank companies by mode when the new modes arrive (like now we have: junior, champion, and etc.), or will it be a random mode?

It will be random.

At maximum sizing of the mini-map I’d love to see tank names by their icons. It would be great to know whether it’s KV-2 or IS-4 standing there, ‘cuz it takes much time to get it in chat.

It would overwhelm the minimap space, so for now we don’t have plans to implement such a feature.

I'd like to see the damage I caused in battle. Will you add it to the battle statistics?

Yes, it will be added. In fact, there will be a lot more stats added to the after battle reports in the future. These features are currently being developed.

I'd like to hear the approximate date of MT8 SuperPershing release.

It will appear this summer.

Will you make an online player for World of Tanks replays? And will there be a special website for it?

We don’t have a plan to do this at the moment, but if we decide to go that route, it won’t appear for quite a while

Is it possible to add an option in the settings to switch on the server reticle?

Yes, it’s possible, but we’re deciding whether to add it or not.  For now, just hold Caps and hit 0. Then turn off your caps!

Will you disable the voice message for “track hitting”?

All voice messages are slated for a full rework.

How much will the system requirements change with the rendering upgrade?

They will remain pretty much the same.  

Can you add a button to “retrain all crew”?

Possibly, we’ve had some difficulties come up when retraining crews that are composed of individuals from different tanks.

Is it possible to add tank companies for 1-2 tier tanks? Companies with MS-1 would be cool.

No, we don’t plan to add that at this time.

Dear devs, will it be possible to separate “random battles” (in current terms) and “alternate battles” as a different point (they will include encounter and other game modes), not to mix a favorite mode with others? 

It will all be one pool.  We don’t have plans to separate them.

Will you reduce battle tier (match making) for Matilda?

We plan it, but it’s not scheduled to happen in the immediate future.

I’d like to know, will Global Map have encounter and attack modes? For example, when attacking a province, owned by another clan, it would be logical to start an attack mode, isn’t it? And in tourneys for landing to start encounter… 

Yes, we plan to add new modes to Global Map after a while, after they’re added to random battles. 

Will all the new combat modes will we have the same system for exp crediting?

Attack and encounter will have the current system, applied in random battles. It is supposed to be different in modes that will be added later.  

Since you’ve added the display of damage for tanks, will you add display for damage caused by me? In different color, for example. 

Yes, it’s likely that we’ll do that somewhere down the road.

When will you add new types of ammunition?

It’s possible that we’ll add it in the future, but it's not scheduled.

Will the models of such rare tanks as the А-32 or Pz 5/4А change, ‘cuz when compared to new tanks they look pretty unattractive. Will you change their parameters?

The models of these tanks are same in quality as models of other tanks—they’re just unique. We won’t change their parameters.

Will you fix the model of PzKpfw V-IV? Is there a chance for a slight reduction of its MM tier?

No changes for this tank are planned.