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You Ask, We Reply - March 23, 2012

You Ask, We Reply


The latest You Ask, We Reply is now available. We've collected many of your questions and have taken them to the development team to be answered. Check them out below, and be sure to submit more questions for the next round!

I have a question about tier 10 TDs and MTs. Have developers decided what will they be?
  • Yes, we have come to a decision, but we cannot announce what vehicles will be implemented just yet.
Will you fix combat level for KV-220 in 7.2?              
  • Yes, it will be adjusted. At the same time we are going to decrease combat level for a tier for Т14 and Churchill.
Do you plan to limit tier 8 premium tanks, so that you must unlock a tier 8 tank naturally before purchasing one?
  • We do not plan to implement such limitations.
Do you plan to implement 1vs1 or 3vs3 battle modes for a more convenient partaking in ESL events?
  • Battle modes 1vs1 and 3vs3 are currently assumed to be duel combats with a separate duel rating.
Can you confirm please, that French TDs and SPGs arrive in game with 7.4 update?
  • Yes, the French tank destroyers and self-propelled guns are expected to come along with the 7.4 update.
Dear developers, can you tell me please if we will be able to research/purchase new crew skills with gold?
  • New crew skills will not be purchasable with gold as it could be an essential combat advantage.
Hi! Did you think of adding a hardcore combat mode, close to a simulator? When there’s increased profitability in experience and credits, no highlighting of a vehicle, absence of reticle, real shell ballistics, and etc. Thanks for reply in advance.
  • Frankly speaking, we had an idea of a hardcore mode, but in a different way, other than you depicted. For the time being, even if we remove over target markers and vehicle highlighting, there will still be a chance for cheating. As far as the shell ballistics matter is concerned, I assure that it is currently very close to the real one. 
    Currently in normal game mode you have to hit a vehicle from one to x times with a shell, which has a certain amount of damage, in any place you want. The main goal is just to reduce vehicles HP to 0. Module damaging chance on hit is something like 20%. This means that all modules have some kind of chance of not getting damaged after they are hit by a projectile or explosion damage. 
    In our opinion the future hardcore mode could consist of the following features:
    • Remove critical hits on tanks.
    • Vehicle is destroyed only when all crew is out of service, or all modules are destroyed, or ammunition rack has exploded.
    • Remove consumables and equipment
    • Remove crew skills effect.
    • In hardcore mode there will be no need to reduce HP. Instead you will have either to damage or destroy all modules, except for the Ammo Rack (destroying Ammo Rack will result in immediate tank destruction) or wound all crew members. The chance of damaging a module on hit will be raised to 100% regardless of the scenario. This game mode would be much more difficult and require good tank knowledge.
  • This is only a draft of the mode and it is not a final version.
Will you implement tier limit for tanks in platoons? For example, just a 3-4 tier difference to be allowed, even a 2 tier difference will be better. Because when a Maus is accompanied by a MS-1 they fail the whole team!
  • For the time being, no such limitations are planned.
When will you add a Chinese LT Type 62 to the game? How much will it cost?
  • We have not decided on the implementation of this vehicle.
When shall we expect British vehicles to arrive? Will it be the next tech tree to add?
  • We are currently working on this tech tree. We plan for the British Tech Tree to appear this year.
Do you plan to return 400 hp to Maus?
  • We do not plan to return 400 HP to Maus as the decision to cut off its HP was reasonable.
Will you add vehicles removed from in-game store (Hotchkiss, B2, Type 59, etc.) to the gift shop?
  • It is quite possible, although we have no precise response or estimation as of now, but we will inform you about such plans in advance if they appear.
Will IS-6 arrival affect profitability of current premium vehicles?
  • No, adding of IS-6 will have no influence on profitability of premium vehicles.
Tell me please, will you make transitions possible in the French tech tree, like transition for KV-13 to IS, or for Tiger (P) to Tiger and then to VK3002DB?
  • Yes, in-tree transitions between tank types will be also available for the French tree. Its planning is currently being developed.
I’m interested to know if new game physics will add weight and kinetics to a shell. The shell path is a parable, whereas hitting a LT with a 150mm gun does not change the LT’s way.
  • When you hit an armored vehicle with a 150mm shell, the vehicle does not change its path, it is not thrown back or away, but a hole appears in its armor. Obviously, no physics law can do that to an armored vehicle.
Will a T23 become a premium vehicle?
  • We do not plan to make it a premium tank.
I have a VK4502 (P) Ausf B in garage, but without a gun; I mounted a 10,5 cm KwK 46 L/68 gun from a Tiger-VIB-II on it. Will you add this gun for VK4502 (P) Ausf A series, similarly to  Т-32; it has weaker armor and gun than IS-3 and PzKpfw VIB Tiger II. And generally the Ausf A is already underperforming if compared to other tanks of the same tier, it also gets less profit even after a won battle!
  • No, we are not going to add new gun for this vehicle at the present time.
Are you going to change the crew skill advancement process?  
  • No, we are not going to change it.
I hate when during research a first percentage point costs 100 experience points, and the last one costs 10 thousand! Percentage points should be percentage points. Intervals between 50-75 and 75-100 should be the same. And as far as the new skills are concerned, are you going to decrease the amount of experience required for each percentage point of a crew skill?
  • No, we do not plan to decrease that amount.
Will you return previous Match Maker weight to Type 59? Have you analyzed Type 59 battle statistics before and after changing its MM weight?
  • We do not plan to return previous MM weight for Type 59.
Will you ever reveal how much the crew skill actually influences the tank performance?
  • We will not disclose these numbers.
KV-2 tank had 2 turrets, just like the KV-1 tank:  the KV turret, which is a stock one for KV, and the KV-2 turret. My question is, will we be able to choose between these two turrets on KV-1 tank as well as on the KV-2 tank?
  • Yes, KV-1 and KV-2 will have 2 turrets each.
Will we have the third test of 7.2 update?
  • Yes, there will be a third test of 7.2.
After 7.2 update release, you will work on 7.3 update. Will it be a standard update, with 2 maps and some vehicles?
  • Yes, it will be similar to what you denoted. At the moment update 7.3 is planned to have content changes, so it will have new vehicles and new maps. There will also be some bugs fixes.
Are you going to add more crew skills than announced so far?
  • Yes, we will. The list of new crew skills will be updated, but not quite soon actually.
Are you going to add new equipment or consumables purchasable either with gold or credits?
  • Yes, we do have plans for new equipment, for example, we are thinking of adding high-angle spaced armor.
Can we expect a highly-profitable premium French heavy vehicle, like a Lowe or KV-5?
  • Yes, we have plans for such a vehicle.
Do you plan to design special 7vs7 tourney maps or maps for cybersports activities?
  • No, currently we are not going to develop out such maps.
They say, British tech tree will be introduced in one patch. Will it come with SPGs and TDs?
  • No, the British tech tree will be added to the game in parts, similar to the French tree.
Have you decided what the top British vehicles in the heavy and medium classes will be?
  • Sorry, we cannot tell you that now.