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You Ask, We Reply - Dec. 8, 2011

You Ask, We Reply


The latest You Ask, We Reply can be found below. We've compiled many of the questions found here on the NA forum, as well as the EU and RU forums, and have taken them directly to the game design team to be answered. Keep your questions coming, and be sure to ready yourselves for version 7.0!

Is there any chance of adding a folder for Screenshots?

In update 7.0 you will have the Screenshots folder, where the in-game images will be automatically stored after pressing Print Screen (PrtScr) button.

What is the difference between IS-4 and IS-7 besides speed?

It is too early to speculate about it. This tank has not yet been fine-tuned for tier 10. There are a lot of tests to do first.

Are you planning to introduce NPCs (non-player characters) for training battles?

We are not planning on having NPCs for training battles.

New game modes were planned for the IV quarter of 2011. What has happened? Why aren’t we seeing them?

We have had to reschedule the release. We expect new modes to appear in the first half of 2012.

Are there any plans to add new types of camo?

Indeed we have such plans. We’ll be introducing new camo types gradually.

Will you increase size clan emblems on tanks? The current ones are barely legible and small.

We will be working more with emblems, but we are not planning on increasing their size. There is not enough space on tanks for big insignia.

Why have you decided to return penalties for team-kills and team-damages to the rates we have in 6.7?

There are some technical reasons, which we can’t reveal at the moment.

It would be great to learn when the tier VIII premium tank destroyer Jagdtiger with the 88mm PaK43/3 L/71 gun will appear.

Generally, we don’t reveal vehicle release dates. Expect it in early 2012.

Will the installed modules be displayed on tanks in battle?

In the garage interface you will be able to see them. However, in battle you will not.

Will it be possible to see enemy damage points?

If you damaged your enemy, after a battle you will be able to see only your points. The damage points of others will remain hidden for you.

Will it be possible to send messages to players if they are off-line?

Most probably this option will become available.

Will Sturmtiger belong to SPG or TD vehicle type?

To the SPG-type

What about OverTargetMaker? Will the official version be introduced in 7.0 or will you continue supporting the mod?

For 7.0 you will be able to use the new mode, made by the same author. You can find it here. Later we will add to the client similar functionality.

Do you plan to increase the price of Type 59?

We have no current plans of increasing the price of the Type 59.

Do you have at least approximate Japanese Tech Tree?

Very approximate, but yes, we have it. We will share details on other trees at a later time, since the French tree is still in testing and has more balancing work before it is ready.

AFAIK, there is less crew in French vehicles (for example – Top Medium tanks has only 3 people inside) in comparison with other nations. Will it influence vehicle performance after the introduction of new skills?

Yes, it will be one of the ‘weak spots’ of French vehicles.

Why have you limited the Tier of SPGs in Tiered Tank Companies?

SPGs have more limits in comparison with HT line tanks, because they have the biggest firepower in their Tier.

Will you add more LTs for the US tank tree?

More than likely; we have some ‘candidates’ for now, which we are discussing internally.

From time to time in Polish version we hear a message ‘Aced!’, but the enemy is not even damaged! Will you fix that? Because currently it’s very irritating.

Yes, we are planning to improve the system of hits notification for all localizations.

Will we receive additional slot for FT-17 (Tier 1 French Tank)?

Yes, you will receive a free garage slot with the FT-17.

Can we hope that M41 Walker Bulldog vehicle will be an American?

There are no current plans to introduce the M41 Walker Bulldog.

Do you plan to add maps which will represent real WWI Battlefields? For example: Westerplatte, Normandia, Monte Casino

We may add maps of this nature in the future.

Are there any plans to add any of the following camo types:

  • For specials
  • Give away ones
  • Anniversary
  • Awards

We plan to add some camos for Specials, but they will be used by Game Masters only. You can name them – event camo

Are there any plans to add ratings for best performance on a certain vehicles between players? For example, the Top 10 on IS-4.

There are some plans to add something similar. It will be announced later.

Are there any plans to add the influence of turret direction on the visibility? For example, in the direction of the tank gun you see on 100% distance, 75% on sides and 50% behind the turret?

There are no such plans in the predictable future.

But some anisotropy will be added, for example, for some new gunner skills.

Please, tell me the following; Premium tanks earn more XP and credits or just credits?

In current version – just credits.

What will you do with the MM of new special and box tanks? Currently it seems horrible.

Unfortunately, x10 rates on credits and XP does not favor MM tests. So it will be tuned up later.

Master Tanker is something difficult to receive. You can make our lives easier if you add the list of killed tanks to the player’s profiles. Is this planned to be implemented?

Yes, we plan to implement something like this as soon as possible.

After the changes of the HE rounds on the test server Object 212 does not receive enough credits using both credit and premium rounds. Do you plan to increase its credit gain?

As we often state, they were added to the test server for Test reasons. We will look at their influence on the balance and change the characteristics. But they will be for all of vehicles/users and not for one specific.

Will minefileds be added?

Minefields are planned, but only for Clan Wars. We do not have any release information at this time.

With the new physics engine, will it be possible to completely destroy buildings?

It is unlikely that you will be able to fully destroy buildings. Unfortunately, we are limited with server resources, but they will be more destructible than currently.

Will female crews be introduced?

Yes, it's something currently on the development plan, but we cannot share information on when it will be implemented at this time.

About the historical battles, will it look like battles of 1936-1939 (Spain, Pacific etc.) 2-3 Tier tanks

1940-1941 (France, Poland, Finland) 4-5 Tier tanks.

No, only historical tanks will be allowed to participate. For example, in the battle of Kursk on the German side you will see MT-7 Panther, HT-7 Tiger, TD-8 Ferdinand, while on the side of USSR SU-152. KV-1S, T-34(MT-5), Churchill only.

Will we be able to watch replays in the game client itself?

We will add this feature in upcoming updates.

In the garage battle modes the tanks mean to respawn N times during the battle. If the enemy is on my base, how will I respawn safely? Will I be invulnerable for some seconds?

It is planned to add some amount of respawn points. The respawn itself will take place in the safest area for your team.

Why the clocks on Himmelsdorf chapel show 14-35, while the ones on the street say that we fight on 10-10? An easter egg or a bug?

Clocks are a very fragile mechanism and they do not like the battle, which take place around them -)

And since the battle can take a long time, the clocks could stop in different time quite a while ago.