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You Ask, We Reply: Contests and Events Answers

The latest Q&A in the “You Ask, We Reply” series is now available! This week we answer questions from the community regarding World of Tanks contests and events.

These questions were collected from the “You Ask, We Reply: Contests and Events” thread posted last week. In total there were nine questions asked regarding contests and events, which you can find the answers to below.

Stay tuned to the News and Information forum tomorrow, October 11th, for the next thread we’ll open to collect questions. For a refresher on the format we’re following from here out with the “You Ask, We Reply” series, be sure to read this news article.

You Ask, We Reply: Contests and Events

1. I’d like to see an event that goes by Tiers and not just certain tanks or how much damage they do or by getting MVP status. Each Event could last one day or a few days and give out half extra or double credits for said tier. With 10 tiers total it would be a 10 to 30 day Event starting off with tier 1.

We will take the suggestion into consideration. Just to avoid any misunderstandings the following is the terminology we use to describe certain activities:

  • ‘Contest’ – A competition which provides players the opportunity to win gold for actions, primarily outside the game client itself. Examples: ‘Design your tank’, ‘Clan Parade Video’, ‘The Elbe Day’
  • ‘Event’ – A competition which provides players a chance to win gold for some in-game actions and/or achievements. Example: ‘Kill the Mod’, ‘MVP’ – series.
  • ‘Special’ – A special server state, which provides discounts, special bonuses and server side events (increase rate of possibility to enter a certain Map) to players. Examples: ‘Abram’s Birthday’, ‘Operation Market Garden’.

According to these classifications, the proposal falls under the ‘Special’ category. Unfortunately, we cannot activate them often due to technical limitations. However, we are looking into developing more functional tools that would allow us to implement specials more easily and more often. We are aiming at trying to have specials each weekend.

2. Will there be days celebrating the higher tier tanks more? I wish to use my Pershing or Patton even more so then now for a day or so.

For specials we usually try to cover as many players as possible – therefore doing a special on Tier 10 tanks will not come up that often. As for in-game events revolving around higher tiers, yes, we are trying to do more of those.

3. Will there ever be a day where we could double EXP for the entire day? Helps grinding...serious business.

Even though we try to make the specials different each time, we cannot make a whole day of increased XP gain across the board. When this possibility becomes available to us, we will have it specifically for certain tanks only.

4. Anything to bring us sweet tasty gold? Not for killing a mod or anything. But for being on the server? Or having a certain amount of battles. Sort of like a loyalty reward. 1000 battles = 250 gold or something like that.

In the near future we will be introducing top 10 lists for the week for:  average experience, average damage, total kills etc. From this list we will then be able to include some weekly gold for the top players.

5. There hasn't been any (interesting) tournaments lately(like ural steel 3 divisions, open beta tourney, etc), are there plans to make a large tournament(with 10/140 division included) and implement proper leaderboards?

This is something we’re actively working on now, following the success of last week’s IGN Prime Tournament. We have many ideas regarding tournaments – both large and small – and will be sharing additional details on our plans soon.

6. Will there be any contests in which instead of gold the player will be awarded something else (I.e a good amount of credits or even a special tank)

Yes some events that are coming up will offer more than just gold to the winners. We will keep you updated through the news!

7. Some contests that are friendly to the Asia/Pacific time slots would be nice.

We will definitely be including the Pacific/Asia times in our future events – we are still working on making events/contests go as smoothly as possible, so as we work on them, we will start to add more time slots.

In addition, we can confirm that there are plans for tournaments specifically for players in Oceania and Southeast Asia. The tournaments will take place during hours that are comfortable for our players in those regions.

8. Would you do an event where the effected tanks repair for free?

We may begin to include this in future specials.

9. Will we be seeing an official historical battle contest before the actual historical battle game mode itself?

Since we will have a historical battle mode pretty soon, we do not plan to make such an event. But there are historical battles organized by players, and we will consider supporting them with gold prizes.