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You Ask, We Reply - Bulletin 3


The latest round of answers in the “You Ask, We Reply” series are now available. We’re going to be changing the format moving forward so that we can collect focused questions related to a specific topic, much the same as we did with the Suggestions forum by creating the feedback thread on tank gameplay roles.

Starting with today’s bulletin we will be creating two different threads. The first, which will be posted each Monday following the collection of questions, will contain answers for the previous round. The next thread will be opened on Tuesday of that week, asking for questions related to a new topic.

This thread will remain open until that Friday (which we’ll state within the thread itself), at which point we will close the thread and compile those questions for the designers.

Note: We will still periodically do general Q&A sessions, but we want to also keep a consistent series going related to specific topics. This allows us to gather more questions about Clan Wars, for example, and have all answered at one time.

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