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You Ask, We Reply – April 19, 2012

It is a well known fact that in 0.7.4 French TD’s and SPG’s will be added to the game. Will French Tank Destroyers have the auto-loading system?

We do not plan to add auto-loading for French TD’s.

Will you in any way change the markers, which were introduced in 7.2? Will you add a ‘tuning’ functionality? Or at least expand the current one?

Yes, we will add more functionality from update to update.

Will the US Tank Tree ever have a second Heavies line?

It’s possible. We’re currently discussing whether or not there are enough options to provide an interesting second heavy branch.

Since you plan to add the Sturmtiger, I have a question. If introduced as an SPG, will its shell have physics identical to the rest of SPG shells or will the rocket mine will have different flight physics? The case is that in real life the flight of such a mine was rather chaotic.

The Sturmtiger will have gun firing physics similar to the current vehicles of this type.

I would like to know additional details about the special-offer tank Pz V/IV. Do you plan to decrease the level of its battles?

 There are no such plans in the foreseeable future.

Why is the introduction of the Type-62, the WZ-111 and the Type-59 not happening for the EU/NA/RU servers? What’s the reason behind that?

The reason is different for each of these clusters. Moreover, the golden Type 59 will probably never be introduced on these servers.

How are things going with physics? When will you add it to the Public Test?

It will likely be testable by summer. 

When can we expect the introduction of commander vehicles, aerial and artillery strikes?

It’s not certain. Commander vehicles have not yet passed into the Development stage.

I’ve seen in one of the previous YAWR bulletins that you’re thinking about adding a hardcore game mode. What’s the final decision on that?

There will be such a game mode, but we are still discussing internally how it will work.

I have a question regarding Tier 3 Premium tank ‘Somua’ (PzKpfw S35 739 (f)). Do you plan to rebalance it somehow or make it better? (If yes, when?). Currently this vehicle is not performing well according to current characteristics and players’ feedback.

We are not planning any changes to ‘Somua’ at this time.

Do you plan to add some more profitable Premium vehicles to make the progress faster? Some kind of VIP-premiums?

This has not progressed any further than kicking around a few ideas at the moment.

How soon will you add new achievements? Can you announce a list of some kind? I can’t wait for them!

We will add a list this summer more than likely.

Are you going to add new equipment or consumables purchasable either with gold or credits?

Yes, we do have plans for new equipment, for example, we are thinking of adding high-angle spaced armor.

Does this mean that with the introduction of this equipment the current spaced armor will be removed from the vehicles?

No, it does not.

You state that you are planning to have Tank Trees for 7 Nations. What are they?

USSR, Germany, USA, France, Britain, Japan, Combined Europe. 

On which stage is the work for the adaptive camouflage?

This feature will be totally reworked this summer and will appear in one of the later updates.

If I’m watching a road on the city map and there is an unspotted enemy vehicle behind one of the buildings. If he has headlights turned on (after their release) and I notice that, will the enemy be spotted automatically, or will I just see the light and know that someone is there?

You will not see the light from headlights until you spot the enemy.

Will you return horns?

Yes, in one of the later updates. 

Will you add a counter for the ‘Master Tanker’ achievement like the one for ‘Hunter’? It will allow us to know how many times we have killed the various types of vehicles.

We have no plans for a feature like this.

I have a question regarding the T-50-2 vehicle. Will it be removed completely or will it remain in the Garage, if one had previously researched and purchased it? In what update will you remove it and is there any sense to ‘grind’ for it?

Unfortunately, we cannot give any comments on that now because the final decision has not yet been made. 

Will the turret of the tank ‘fly away’, when tank is destroyed or Ammo Rack explodes? After the last update there is no difference between the destruction animation and the explosion. If yes, will we see it this year?

The turret will fly off only after an ammo rack explosion. Unfortunately, we cannot give any details on the date of implementation for this feature. 

I remember, that some Developer promised a map with a secret facility on it, where Ratte would be standing somewhere as a part of décor. Are you working in that direction?

No, we are not. Sorry, it was a joke. 

Why did the clan emblems get postponed? They worked perfectly on common test.

There are some problems with their introduction. They will most likely be added in the 7.3 update.

Will you return ‘one-click’ repairs? It was very comfortable.

It will likely be reintroduced in one of the later updates, but with an option to turn off the feature in the settings. 

Will we ever get back the ‘ring’?


Will there ever be vehicles with more than 2 variants of mountable turrets?


Will you add more camouflage patterns for vehicles in future?

Yes, we will add them gradually, as we’ve done in 7.2

Will there ever be a way to customize your Garage, for example, add inscriptions on the walls (without installing mods)?

No, we do not plan to add such feature.

Will there be a possibility to change the panel, where modules and vehicle HP are displayed? There are plenty of mods, but we want something official and of better quality.

Currently we do not plan to do anything along those lines. 

Do you plan to add a ‘sound update’, which will add more diversity, including different and individual sounds for engines/guns, as well as more sound effects (ambient etc.) on maps?

Yes, we are working on a sound update. It will include different sounds for engines/guns and the improvement of in-game sounds in general.  

Do you plan to make critically damaged vehicles look according to their state in the future? Currently it’s a bit unrealistic, IMHO, when the tank is on low HP and looks like a new one.

No, we do not plan to add such changes to tank appearances.

What does the option ‘Tankers’ voices by nation’ in the volume tab of in-game settings mean? Is it an inactive option for future unique voices?

Correct, this feature is not yet active.

Do you plan to change or otherwise improve current in-game chats (General, Tank Companies etc.)?

Yes, we are working hard on chat 2.0

Do you plan any perk specific for French auto-loading devices? For example, faster drum change or reload between rounds in one drum?

No, we do not plan to add any perk of such type. French vehicles already differ a lot in their gameplay. 

I’m curious, do you plan to add an individual image for each vehicle which displays their stance in the bottom left corner? Currently for HT, MT, LT, and even SU-26, and with American TD’s with rotating turrets the IS image is used, for SPGs it’s always Hummel, for TD’s – Marder II.

No, we do not plan such a feature. 

Do you plan to rework VK4502(P) Ausf.B according to the blue-prints? I mean moving transmission to ‘stern’ of the tank.

Yes, hopefully in the 7.4 update, but possibly in one of the later ones.

Do you plan to add ‘Stalingrad’ map?

Probably, but there are no certain plans for now.

Will SPGs be able to aim below the bridges? Currently there is some kind of a dead zone for Artillery.

And it’s logical, in general. Shells won’t be able to pass through the bridges.

AFAIK, bases in WoWP are protected by AI controlled turrets. Are there any plans to add something similar to WoT? Pillboxes, for example.

It’s likely that we will eventually introduce something for Clan and Tank Company battles. 

Will you return old 90 points TC?

No, we won’t. We decided to remove them to avoid spreading our players between two similar modes of high-level battles.