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You Ask, We Reply #8



“You ask, We reply” #8

I’ve noticed more tanks being added with multiple guns, do we have an idea when we will have multi-gun support in the game?

Unfortunately, this feature will take more time to develop than we initially thought. We cannot give you a firm ETA for now, but it won’t be released in Q1 2012.

 I saw a video on the new physics coming to World of Tanks. How is that coming along?

The new physics engine is ready and we are satisfied with the way it works. However, with the new engine we’ve uncovered a couple additional things that will need attention – all in-game maps need to be reworked. Things like new and more detailed destruction models for objects and buildings need be created.  Maps need to be changed to encourage new tactics that the physics engine will allow. This is a huge under taking.  It will fundamentally change the way the game is played in many ways. We feel that it is worth doing, and making sure it’s done right.

 I am really excited to play the game in a different way.  When will we see these new modes?

 With new game modes we will also need new maps.  Internal tests have shown us that just moving the base is not enough. Just like with the addition of the new physics, new game modes will require a reworking of the existing maps.  We’ll be adding new maps in the meantime. They’re nearly finished, and we don’t want to hold them back any longer than we have to. We will keep you posted about this exciting game development.

 I have noticed that Wargaming has put out 2 updates recently; does this mean we should continue to see more regular releases?

We definitely would like to continue to release updates as regularly as possible and are scheduling updates as fast as we can. One thing that should be understood is that updates can be divided into 3 groups – content, server, and game mechanics/engine updates. And while the first can be released after a rather short period of development and testing, others require more time to be ready.  We will continue to release content updates while working on other longer term projects. We have scaled up the number of scheduled releases, and things will be much smoother and take less time than the update from 6.4 to 7.0.

There has been some concern on the reduced effectiveness in artillery in recent patches, is there anything you can tell us artillery drivers? Is there still more balancing to come?

 We are constantly balancing the game.  We make adjustments based on statistics and player feedback. SPG’s are getting attention along with everything else.

There are currently 3 crew skills in the game. Are there plans to add more? And if so can you give an example of a new one?

Yes, there are plans to add many more! There will be 2 types of skills, passive (which works all the time even after first learning the skill, and adding  more bonuses once reaching 100%) and other will be active (these will work only when tanker has 100% skill). Gunners, for example, will be able to see what module they have destroyed, while Commanders will be able to warn you whether they are in cover or spotted by enemy.

 What is the status on some of the features that were delayed from last year? American Heavy changes?  Russian tree changes?

The American tree changes are scheduled for 7.2, while the Russian tree change is tentatively scheduled for the following update.

 Will we ever hear crew voices that have accents depending on what nationality tank you are in? I don’t want full native voices since I wouldn’t be able to understand them, but accents would add a lot of flavor.

Yes, it’s planned, but currently has a low priority.

How do you go about balancing tanks in the game? Do you just use historical values and roughly place tanks in a tier?

Initially we give them historical characteristics and then change them after receiving feedback and statistics from internal, Super, and Public tests.

 I have liked the recent interface changes. I would like to see all the stuff from mods like ‘Over Target Markers’ added to the game.  Stuff like scrolling damage indicators. I would also like to see load times and more reticle options. Do you plan to add any of this?

We are planning to add many more changes. Some will be similar to player made mods, and the rest will be totally new. Stay tuned and follow the news ;) For now, I can say that we will be working on the interface throughout all of 2012; we’ll be adding changes gradually with almost every update

 Are there any plans to add an observation mode into the game for practice battles? 

There are no plans to change current training battles system.

 I like the new replay system. Will you add the ability to switch between other tanks perspectives during playbacks?

Yes (most likely). As was said at release, the replay feature we added is just a first version, and will be constantly improved

.Are there any plans on having the crew voices better reflect what’s going on in the game? Sometimes they say things that don’t make sense.

We will be improving the crew voice notifications. If you have any valuable ideas, please, share them with us in the Suggestion section of the forums.

 I hate some maps. Can you make a feature so that I can check off maps I do not want to play?

We are planning to add a ‘veto’ feature for maps in future. Unfortunately, we cannot give more details at this time.

 Are there any plans to add WP (White Phosphorous) or Smoke rounds to the game? It seems it could add a lot of tactical applications.

For now, adding of such features will create too much workload for some of the players PC’s. We will reconsider the question after the engine optimization.

Do you have any plans to make it so that dead players can’t type or text to live players?

We are planning to almost totally rework both in-game and other chat spaces. This will be probably implemented in Q2-3 2012.

 Do you plan to give players the ability to upload their own skins to the game client?

Yes, these features are in the development stage. But such skins will not be seen by other players in the game. This means that the skin isn’t uploaded to the server, but only to the game client.  You’d be the only one to see it.

How does the new “spaced armor” influence the ramming damage?

It reduces such damage.  The amount of reduction depends on spaced armor thickness and it’s remoteness from the hull.

Are you planning to add premium French vehicles?

 Yes, at a later date.

What has happened to AMX 65t?

It was renamed in AMX 50B to correspond with the historical information we received from our French sources.

How are you planning to make the top French SPG, with the 155mm gun, able to compete with its counterparts from other nations? Especially taking into account the recent HE changes.

 French SPG’s will have bonuses similar to the rest of French vehicles.

The developer’s position is that Tier 5 Light Tanks are not intended to earn credits. What about the Tier 7 French Light tanks?

This is incorrect statement. TOP vehicles, which are the best in their branch, are not intended to ‘farm’ credits.  They can still earn credits, but it’s harder to turn a profit.  The tier 7 French Light Tank is not yet in its own branch of the French tree, so it is earning credits similar to other similarly situated tier 7 tanks.

Why do TOP French vehicles have so little ammo?

This is how we balanced the tanks for having an auto-loading device.

Will the 120mm top French guns be used on M103 and T110?

 Yes, they will.

Once the IS-4 is moved to Tier 10, will its statistics be moved to Object 252?

 No, it will remain on the IS-4

 How has the HE changes influenced the statistics? Can you share the statistics?

 The average damage was decreased by 20 HP. The amount of Heavy Tank front armor penetrations with HE shells decreased by 30% (SPG is not included). The amount of HE shells being used was cut in half. The statistics of the vehicles using the so called ‘derp’ guns remained the same.

Thanks all seeya next time!