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You Ask, We Reply #7


Tankers! We have gathered some of your more pertinent questions and asked our development team to take the time to answer them for you.

Will the battle level of Type 59 be increased?

  • We do not have any changes planned for the Type 59 at this time.

Will there be any weaponry changes in American heavy tanks?

  • Currently, we will not be adding anything special in terms of weaponry to American heavy tanks.

Where exactly would it be possible to place symbols on the vehicles? Would it be just a flag on a turret?

  • Each vehicle will have specially designated and marked places for insignia and emblems.

How would you compare exchanging skills for gold with training a tank crew for gold?

  • Exchanging skills for gold and training a tank crew for gold will be relatively equivalent in value.

There are burnt tank hulls on several maps, but it’s impossible to move them as ‘real’ hulls. Will this be corrected?

  • Seeing  we are working on improvements and updating the in-game physics , new features will most likely be introduced, including movable tank hulls.

What will happen to camouflage, bought for gold after the 7.0 release, once adaptive camouflage is introduced? Will the latter automatically become adaptive or is it an all-together different category at a different price?

  • Adaptive camouflage will be a consumable, which you will have to purchase and use as a consumable. Once in use, it will adapt any camouflage to a map allowing you to be more discrete. Though we will not be introducing this in 7.1.

Will there be individual skills for particular nations?

  • All skills will be available to every nation, no preferences and no exceptions.

Will other tanks than the French tanks be added in the 7.1 update?

  • Most certainly. We are determined to expand and introduce new tank trees. The more the merrier.

In one of the video guides about tier IX heavy tanks,  it was mentioned that a machine gun would be removed from the VK4502(P) front. Will you be doing something about it in the next patch? My enemies like to shoot this machine gun off and they are getting better with every try.

  • We will leave the MG where it is.

Will new skills be introduced in 7.1?

  • No, new skills will appear in later versions.

Have you already decided on a tank preceding the IS-4 in tier IX?

  • The heavy tank ST-1 was decided upon a while ago.

What are the reasons for a gradual introduction of the full French tank tree? Why will they be introduced without SPGs and Tank Destroyers?

  • Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to have such a big number of tanks instantly. They need to be balanced and tested first.

On a test server only one tank horn was available. Will you leave it 0.7.0 or add some more?

  • It is possible there won’t be any horns at all.

Have the German tank destroyers’ development plans been changed? Will we see an updated tank tree by the end of the year?

  • The new German TDs will be unveiled in 2012.

Will it be possible to choose a gun for IS-4 tier 9, similar to that of the E-100 or the T30?

  • No, such an option will not be available. A 152mm gun is not meant for the IS-4.

Can you elaborate on the new game physics, especially about the connection requirements?

  • We are currently testing the updated game physics. There will be improvements and additions, but it will not affect servers or require a different internet connection.

Previously you have mentioned that you are planning on adding new medals and achievements. What will they be like?

  • New medals and achievements will be great as usual. Some will be with a tint of humour. For instance, you will become an ‘honorary lumberjack’ for running over 10000 trees.

Will you review the KV-5 characteristics once the French tree armour is phased and normalised?

  • At the moment we have no such plans.

Will there be random leagues depending on user’s stats, so that newbies would play with newbies and experienced players with equally hard core ones?

  • How else will newbies would become real tankers? Only by playing with experienced and hard core battle wolves will they gain the experience necessary.

Will there be the premium tanks RBT-5 and Sturmtiger in 2012?

  • Sturmtiger will certainly be implemented whle the  RBT-5 is still under consideration.

Will you change the tactical and technical characteristics of the T-50 and T-50-2?

  • It is hard to say before the new game physics is implemented, although no essential changes with these tanks have been planned.

Will there be an additional tank balance weight depending on mounted modules and crew level? Will it be possible to choose a strategy for certain tanks beforehand?

  • No, for both questions.

Are you working on further map developments, more specifically about getting stuck on the maps and background elements?

  • We are always working on skidding, slipping and being stuck.

Once the game physics is updated will you deduct hit points for collisions with boulders, rocks, burnt hulls?

  • No, we have tried this option, but it was way too harsh on players.

It is great to finally have the multicluster technology in 7.0, and the French tree seems cool enough for 7.1. When will you be adding new game modes and in which order?

  • We will definitely be adding new  game modes. Expect new ones in the first quarter of 2012.

Sometimes I read the .RU forum. I understood that Serb is some kind of boss and Storm is your kingpin from Game Design department. But I couldn’t quite figure out who KTTS (KTTC in Cyrillic). He is often quoted and I can’t find him anywhere.

  • KTTC is Russian for His Majesty ASAP, who is frequently summoned as Oracle.

How much penetrating power are shells losing after a ricochet? Are there any different ricochet types?

  • WoT has only one ricochet type. And shells lose 20% penetration.

What new maps will be introduced in 7.1? When will the American maps be introduced?

  • The “Campaign” and “Rhodes” maps will complete 7.1. The first of American maps will be added in early 2012.

 Are you planning to increase armour penetration or mount a bigger calibre for the tier IX tank destroyers?

  • No such plans yet.

Will you do something about the E-75 front hull armour? It’s almost impossible to hit it with a 260mm penetration gun even though the armour is only 160mm.  

  • Not just yet.

Is there the set date for the French artillery release?

  • We are set to introduce French SPGs in the first quarter of 2012.

Will you increase camo in the Jagdpanther, Ferdinand and Jagdtiger?

  • We do not have any plans for increasing their camo at this time.

Are there any plans to add zoom for TD’s in Sniper Mod and increase their accuracy?

  • No, for both questions

Will you add ratings for the best performance on a certain vehicles between players? For example, the TOP 10 on IS-4.

  • There are plans to add something similar. It will be announced later.

Are there any plans to add the influence of turret direction on the visibility? For example, in the direction of the tank gun you see on 100% distance, 75% on sides and 50% behind the turret?

  • There are no such plans in the foreseeable future. But some anisotropy will be added, for example, for new gunner skills.

 In 7.0 T-44 will receive a new LB-1 cannon, the rpm and other parameters of Panther II 88/L71 will be slightly boosted. And what you will do with Pershing?

  • We won’t nerf it.

Will the M58 gun be available for both M103 and T110? If yes, will the armor piercing parameter be bigger than the current T53?

  • Probably yes to both questions.

It was recently announced that gold and silver camo’s will onle have different terms of use (temporary and permanent). Will they have different appearance?

  • No, they will not.

Will all the 23 new skills appear in one update?

  • It’s not clear yet, but probably yes.

Does the amount of rounds have influence on the Ammo Rack vulnerability?

  • No, it does not.