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You Ask, We Reply # 13 - April 6, 2012

Hello, can you tell us please, what upcoming premium vehicle will come with which update? I’m asking about the Jagdtiger becoming a tier 8 TD with 8.8 gun and the IS-6.

Jagdtiger with 8.8cm L/71 gun will be tested by supertesters for the 7.3 update.

As we know, premium arties were to be tested by supertesters in 7.2. Will common players get them as well? If yes, then when? Thanks.

The vehicle will be available with the 7.3 update; it’ll be in the game store for all players.

Long ago you said you want to move Soviet T-50-2 and substitute it with something else. If it’s not a joke, what are the specs of a new vehicle, if compared to T-50-2? Will it have same maneuverability, speed and gun or will they differ?

That wasn’t a joke. At the moment parameters of a future tank are unknown, but its speed and maneuverability will more or less match those of Т-50-2.

After the British tree release, will Churchill, Matilda and Valentine be removed from the store, same like German tanks? Or will they be substituted?

This point is still being discussed because, for example, Matilda and Valentine have Soviet guns.

It’s common knowledge that in the future developers are going to add Japanese tanks. In this regard, I want to know if you are going to add Italian tanks. Italy also took part in WWII and had a lot of fighting vehicles.

Unfortunately, there are not enough vehicles for a full Italian tech tree with tanks up to tier 10.

Hello, I want to ask about a French tier 8 premium tank: what will it look like? Will it resemble АМХ 50 100 (autoloader and thin armor) or Lowe, KV-5, М6А2Е1 (regular gun and thick armor)?  What’s the name of this vehicle?

The final decision about the vehicle is still under review. 

Do you plan to introduce unique perks for each nation/vehicle type?

No, we do not plan to implement perks unique for a nation or a vehicle type.  

Current heavy tanks of tier 10 are balanced in a way that they do not outstand a lot if compared to lower tiers. For example, developers have already mentioned the main reason for why IS-7 does not match its historical speed of 60 km/h: “Because if this was the case we do not medium vehicles at all”. But if tier 10 mediums and TDs appear, shall we expect increase of tier 10 heavies balance?

We theorize it will not be required as tier 10 heavies are currently well balanced. 

How is the testing of new physics going on? Have you changed plans for it? Will we try it in summer?

The new physics testing is going well. Now we are busy reworking maps. I cannot give an exact physics implementation date at this time.

Will you introduce any of these combat types: battles per level, random battles 5 vs. 5, garage battles?

From the list you gave, only garage battles are planned for implementation.

Do you plan to add flash (flick) effects to shooting? In real, I’m supposed to see smoke or dust after shooting, even if I don’t the tank.

No, we do not plan it.

Do you plan to introduce expiry to modules/equipment (e.g. after 5000 battles a gun should be changed, or its accuracy reduces, etc.).

No, we don’t plan to do that.

Are you going to make partial repair available? Or a special rescue tank that will carry enough aid and repair kits for the whole team?

No, we do not plan to introduce any of these vehicles.

Will we be able to scroll the in-battle chat up and down?

We do plan to include such a feature.

There are some subdivisions in tank company battles (by level), are you going to do the same for Clan Wars?

No, we aren’t considering it for various reasons.

How many nations in total do you want to implement?

About 7 nations i.e. tech trees.

Will you introduce more equipment?

It’s possible. High angle spaced armor will be available for some tanks for sure.

Will you fix the Fadin's Medal?

Yes, it will be.

Haven’t you refused the idea of 30 vs 30 battles?

We haven’t refused it; we’re going to work over this idea.

Will there be a separate server for players from US, EU and RU?

There won’t be a separate server for that but there will be an opportunity to temporarily go to another cluster to play there with other players.

Do you plan to extend replay features (remote, etc.)?

Yes, e.g. remote forward and backward will be implemented for sure.

You said somewhere that head lamp light will be added to tanks. Will we be able to damage them with a critical hit?


It’s been a long time since you promised to start special auction sales for vehicles selling. Will it appear in game or the idea was rejected?

This concept has been rejected.

Do you plan to release WoT for iPad?

No, we don’t plan that.

Hello! Will you update the tech trees on the portal as now they seem to be pretty outdated (e.g. SU-14 is still a Soviet top arty!).

Yes, we will surely update them.

I want to ask about the future British heavies: as I heard, the top tier 10 heavy will be FV-215b. This vehicle had a 183 mm gun. Is it possible that a top British heavy will have such a gun?

The British tech tree is still being considered, so we can’t really comment on that.

Is IS-6 being tested already or not? How much will it cost and when will be added?

Yes, IS-6 is being tested at this time. Its price has yet to be decided. You can expect it quite soon, with one of the upcoming updates.

Have system requirements changed with the 7.2 release? With the 7.2 release, I face some game slowing down and even system notifications about “low memory” which results in automatic graphics quality reduction.

System requirements haven’t changed due to the 7.2 release.

With the 7.2 update release you changed titles of French crew. Why did it happen? Will you change titles of other nations’ crews? For example, will you promote the maximal title to Colonel and its equivalents in other nations?

That was simply an error correction. We do not plan to change titles in other nations.