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“You ask, We reply” #11


YAWR #11


There was mention made of refining tank freezing in clan wars. Does that mean it will soon be implemented on the NA server? 


No, that is not what it means. The NA staff will decide if this feature is put in place, and we are listening to you for your input. 


Why is it that the regular tanks do not make the money and the experience they don’t make anything. I am not a premium member but that should not matter. I lose so much on my t 32 heavy tank and I should be making anywhere between 20,000 or more in a battle. I don’t make anything but I worked hard to get where I am at in this game. It upsets me that this game does this. Most people do not have the money buy premium and when we do get in to a heavy tank we don’t make anything. I cannot make any money why is this and is this going to change and be equal to a premium. 


The primary reason that high tier tanks are made to be unprofitable is for diversity. If these tanks were more profitable, then people would only drive the highest tier tanks and there would be very few people playing mid-tier tanks. This is why mid- tier tanks are the most profitable standard tanks in the game. The more mid-tier tanks in the game, the more chance there is for those tanks to have matches where they are both the highest and lowest tiered tanks in a battle. If there were more high- tier tanks, the mid tiers would get in tougher matches more often. To answer the question on premium, you can make more credits faster, but this is not required to continue playing the game, you just need to take a detour and have a full stable of tanks to support your upper tiered tanks.


Are you guys planning to include Asian maps in the near future? 


Yes, we are currently on the middle phase of the development in this cycle. We plan to add them after the American maps and a few others. The last stage of the cycle will include Asian maps.


JT 88 premium tank destroyer~ when is it coming?


This premium vehicle is currently scheduled for version 7.3, but this is pending testing.


I would like to know more detail on that "client locking" for the "power users" gamebase that rely on mods to play. Was 7.2 delayed to release this patch instead?


7.2 is a very large content update. 7.1.1 is a maintenance update. 7.2 was only delayed because all the content was not quite ready and internally tested. We did not want to drop features that had already been announced so a delay was needed. 7.1.1 is just a maintenance update but it does include some features that lay the groundwork for the future and provides some immediate benefit.

  • Mods will be able to be added in a separate folder. No more writing over the base files. You will now just be able to erase a file in this folder without affecting the main game.
  • The new file format will DECREASE load times, not only for maps but models as well. This is very important to note as some sighting issues that players experience in the game are due to a model not being rendered on your screen fast enough.
  • This patch lays the foundation for new rendering effects. You may have seen the Wargaming news block with Himmelsdorf being played at night and the cool lighting features that were shown. This patch formats the files in a way that will make this efficient enough in the future to add these additional cool features.



So when are you going to release the kv-1 and kv-2 like you said you guys were going to awhile go? 


The Russian tree changes, along with the KV, splitting are scheduled for 7.3.


After some encouraging reply and a poll made by Jinxx71 which showed an overwhelming number of players wanted the MM tier spread to be reduced, what is going to be done about the MM?

As far as I understand, a client patch is not needed for an adjustment to be made to the MM, it is purely server side. We were encouraged by the promises; we now want to see the actions. Please forgive our impatience, but the MM issue has existed ever since the game was released to the public and so far, almost nothing serious has been done to alleviate the problem.


The Match maker is a complicated issue that is being addressed.  Players would like to see both more even battles, (less 15-0), balanced artillery with a maximum number in a game, scouts being available in only those battles that artillery are present, platoon balance, not constantly being put in the lowest tiers in a battle, and the spread of the tiers. This all needs to be done without taking a long time to find you a match.


While complicated, the first version of this new Match Maker should be available around the 7.2 timeframe. It will take into account many of the above listed issues that players have brought up. The one thing that will be absent is a hard 3 tier spread.


The Match Maker does not use tiers as a determination, but instead assigns “weights” to each vehicle or vehicle type. It will try to create fun and balanced matches with vehicles that are available at the time. It will no longer immediately assign you to the first available battle you are qualified for, but rather hold your tank and make it available to several matches that are gathering players. This will add the flexibility of generating better matches.


You may still see some matches with wide tier spreads; however you may also see more matches with lower tier spreads, including some that may only contain one tier. Much of this will depend on server population and the population distribution at the time you enter the queue. The matchmaker will have a better chance to deal with lower populations as it will take a little time to find better matches. If the population is so low, or badly distributed that it can’t find a “perfect” match it will also have the ability to launch with less than 15 players on a side, if it feels it offers a fair match and waiting additional time may not allow for finding the needed players to fill the rosters.

So overall this change to the matchmaker is a large step towards filling the community’s desires. It is also something that can be continued to be improved and balanced. 

Can we have someone assigned to vet the information about game mechanics in the documentation and to make sure the players get informed when changes are made?

There have been several instances lately where the published documentation has been absolutely wrong about how the mechanics work, and the incorrect information has been left in place for extended periods of time because no one made sure the changes got published.

It's kinda nice to know the rules of the game, ya know?

We will release these as time allows. The first one will be probably be about the HE damage.

 When the T30 moves to a tank destroyer is there any way I can keep my crew with that tank instead of some members going to the heavy tank and some staying on the TD?

Why is the T30 crew not staying with the T30?

This means I am going to have to retrain my T30 crew to 80% for switching trees and the other new tank as well. I wanted the T30 not the new American tank.

The crew will be moved to T30. But you will have a 100% on T110. Most likely (it’s not set in stone and can change), you will receive it with the skills you had on T30 crew.

But since skills will be added in 7.2, you will be able redistribute the experience on new ones and not have the same ones you had on T30.

Information about skills will be released soon. We are working on a rather large amount of new skills – some of them we won’t implement, some will be released in 7.2, some will stay in work for longer term. Once we will have a set in stone decision about what we will implement and what not – we will announce it.

Also there are some screenshots from something the NA community is calling a Russian ‘fan-site’ of World of Tanks. I can assure you that this information is a fake and incorrect on 80% (20% are correct predictions, nothing else). We won’t comment on what’s true and what’s false and remind our players to trust information from official sources only.

12. Can I get a polite, reasonable, and understandable answer to the following question. Is the 105mm Gun on the T29 bouncy on purpose? I have bounced on tier 4 light tanks, side, back, and front. At ranges from 50 meters to 300 meters. I understand bouncing a lot if I shoot at the front of a tier 7 or higher med or heavy but tier 4??? Thank you for your time.

We can assure you that gun on the tank follows all the rules of every tank in the game.

Any chance we will ever see that short 88 buff, promised a long time ago, during beta?

The vehicles which use that gun were buffed in other ways since Beta. Currently we have no plans to adjust this gun

I just have a question about the credits and experiences that I am currently getting on my tanks...
Currently, I put my account for the 1st time on 30 days premium and at first I am enjoying the benefits that I am getting from the experience and credits that I am getting come loosing or winning...
But lately I'm beginning to notice the experience and the credits that I am getting was way to "LOW" in comparison on the 1st few days that my account was on premium not mentioning that I still have 26 more days on premium, as if my account was on a regular basis...

I hope you can shed light on this matter and if there's any issue in the system please have them fixed...

First of all, thank you for supporting the game in this way. Secondly, we face such complaints from new players from time to time. We can assure you that there are no adjustments made to bonus percentage you receive for premium account with time duration.  You get a 50% bonus to credits and experience points, no matter how many days you have left.

 What about the undistributed experience of KV-3 when it moves to Tier7? I want to save some for KV-4.

This is still being discussed; most likely, the XP will remain on KV-3


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