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“You ask, We reply” #10


“You ask, We reply” #10

In the future client resources packing, what will be closed for players and what will be available for change, like now?

At current plans the entire client will be encrypted. We will be adding support in the future for certain types of community modifications.

 Are you satisfied with current SPG damage?

 Mostly, but some changes in overall performance of some characteristics will be performed.

What has the highest priority for CW in Dev plans currently?

The polishing of Tank Freezing and Fog of War. Afterwards – most probably clan Diplomacy

You mentioned sometimes interface reworking. Will it also influence the in-battle interface?

 Major Garage changes and slight improvement of battle interface. Moreover, we can state, that Garage will be completely reworked!

I have actually 3 questions:
- On front tankers usually weld additional armor plates on their vehicles. For example, you can find a lot of photos of Panzer III and Panzer IV with such modifications. Is there any plans to add something like that as an additional equipment?
- Will you add more options for vehicle customization besides of camo?
- Will you add more destructible objects to the maps and more ‘war’ related things (trenches, for example)

These things are planned in the future. For customization, you will be able to add some scratches on tanks, mud, change the places of equipment on the vehicles, such as pick or shovel, and many more options. Also we plan to add more details to our maps. There will also be the addition of more Destructible object and a completely new physics engine.

When HE explodes on the armor, how the damage is calculated?

If the explosion has taken place on the armor of the vehicle itself and the damage penetrated, from the point of collision the system starts a 45 degree cone. All crew members and modules inside that cone can take damage.

If the explosion takes place near a vehicle, a cone is directed at the weakest point of the vehicles armor. Modules are not damaged in most cases.

What will happen with camouflage, which I have on T30 once the T110 will be released?

The camouflage will stay on the T30

Can you tell us something about matches that end in draws?

Yes, the number of draws is equal to approximately 1.7% on NA server, approximately 76% of draws happen because of time, 23.4 because of simultaneous base capture and 0.6 because of destruction of vehicles on both teams. Also all maps have approximately similar amount of draws. Yes, yes, even on the map players call ‘Campinovka’

Are there any plans to nerf the E-75? It’s currently out performing other vehicles, IMO.

There are no such plans.

Have you ever planned to add flamethrower tanks or Rocket Artillery?

Flamethrower tanks would be resource intensive for the current version of client and engine, so we decided not to add them at this time.

Rocket Artillery is planned as one of possible ‘commander consumables’ in clan wars (the Artillery strike, which comes from ‘outside’ the map)

How long after the death will a tank receive credits and XP for highlighted enemies?

10 seconds, if enemies are still hit once hidden or highlighted by another tank.

Are there any plans to change the canister gun on tanks like the T1 Cunningham or the Pz II?  I loved my tank before it was forced to use that gun - is it possible to offer an option to take the canister gun or the old 5 shot MG?

There are no plans to do that now, but these vehicles will probably receive some balancing since they now use totally new mechanics added in 7.2

Is the E100 TD going to be a substantial TD or more of the same? When will we be able to see some stats on it? I know it is not coming out until 7.3 but I am just curious.

Yes, it will be different from the current ones in its own way, but still has common things with all TD’s.

We are not releasing the timeframe of the 2nd German TD tree at this time.

When the multi-gun game mechanic releases, will I have to buy a rammer for each gun in the case they would normally require two different rammers? IE: a medium and a large rammer.

The Gun rammer would apply to both guns most likely.

Are there future plans to balance the battles so that you have the option of playing Axis vs. Allies?

There are plans to add historical battles, which will include historically accurate rosters Nation vs. Nation.

The majority of the U.S. armor is much weaker than and not quite as accurate in the game as the rest of country's tanks. Will this be fixed in a future patch?

Every nation has its own strength and weaknesses; being able to use the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses is the key in being successful in World of Tanks.

When are you going to fix this BS ZERO damage BUG? It is frustrating as all get out to hit a Priest in my T32 with the 105mm for ZERO damage.

It’s not a bug, it’s an in-game mechanic. Though some reworking is planned to make this more obvious to the player or change the way it works.

Is the French TD and SPG tech trees going to added on 7.3? What can you tell us about the French SPG and TD’s?

Here are some facts for you:

It’s planned to add them after 7.3 at some point. Most likely, they will come in the same update. Top TD and SPG will have an auto-loader device. The Top caliber for French SPG will probably be 155mm.

Not a single word about MM problems, about official MM poll results, about the work on "balancer 2.0" that was mentioned several times on the Russian WoT Forum. Nothing about new game modes; historical battles are totally forgotten. But a lot of buzz about numerous insignificant details.

The Matchmaker changes are being discussed and improvements to the system will most likely be implemented in stages. Smaller changes may be put in place first so we can monitor them before adding more. This is a critical issue for the community and is being heavily discussed to make sure that any changes will have a positive effect.

New game modes have been in development for quite a while. The implications on game balance and map changes needed to support the feature has delayed the new game modes, but they are a very high priority. The first two new game modes are currently planned to be “Assault” (attacking and defending a single base) and “King of the Hill” (both teams attack a single capture point).

Historical Battles is another game mode under development. It is the most complicated and of course will take more time to develop to make sure it’s done correctly and a lot of fun to play.

As it stands camo bought with gold and then changed to different camo is lost. Kinda defeats the purpose of buying gold camo, as if the cost didn't serve as enough of a deterrent.

We will take a look at the current method and discuss if any changes should be made in this area.

When will an option for choosing which maps you want to play be implemented? If so, would it be a premium account only thing, and what kind of limits would this have?

You won’t be able to choose the map you like. Instead you will be able to put a ‘veto’ on one map (it will remove them from random map selection). Most likely, it will be available for all members, but premium membership or a gold cost (this is still a discussion) will allow you to ‘veto’ additional maps.

Since some players love to have SPG support, and others hate being killed by something they can't see, will there ever be an option to choose to not have SPG's present if battles?

No, they are an important part of the game that stops stagnation and keeps players moving.

Why do I seem to play some maps a lot and others almost never? Is this randomly decided, or are there some determining factors, such as vehicle type? (For example, I feel I get town based maps more often in HT's, then in TD's and especially SPG's)

 This is randomly decided plus new maps, which were added with the latest update, have slightly more chance to be selected.

I live in the US and have become an avid Fan of the game over the past several weeks; buying gold and grinding out Credits. I have three requests that I would like to have considered. I hope you can reply to me with some general comments.

1. I would like to see the ability to remove Camouflage from a Tank. I have tried to update a Skin and the Default Camo shows through. It would also be nice to switch and save since we paid for it. What are your thoughts?

2. It is possible to change the Panzer IV Turret to reflect Shurzen as in the J and H models? The current upgrade is very odd looking and disproportionate to the Tank. I know there is a skin, however, it does not seem to work.

3. Offer other Nations voices for the Tanks. Is this possible? If not, when.

1. This question was answered above. In addition I recommend posting all suggestions in the suggestion forums, they are monitored and your suggestions are passed on to the developers.

2. PzKpfw IV in-game is a mix from different modifications, since there were lots of them and it won’t be right just reflecting one of them. Also some, like PzKpfw IV (H), will be introduced later date.

3. This is on the list of things to do. It currently does not have high priority.

Is there any information you can give out on how or when I can get my hands on the Panzer IV Hydro and/or the SU-85I?

They may be released as premium tanks, in special promotions, special offers, or in some other way. Eventually they will be available.