World of Warships: Legends is Here!

World of Warships: Legends is leaving Early Access and Game Preview on PS4 and Xbox One! Come join the fray and make your way through the new Hunt for Tirpitz Campaign and earn the most powerful premium ship in the game — Tirpitz!

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The Hunt for Tirpitz Campaign is Legends’ biggest event yet, giving you the perfect opportunity to start your journey in Legends with a bang!

The campaign has 100 levels, with each level giving you additional supplies to help you get started through the tech trees, and you can start as early as Tier III! To progress through the campaign, you will have many missions to complete! But, when you finish there is a huge prize: the Tirpitz — a true monster as a top-Tier Premium battleship.

The shorter progression in Legends means Tirpitz is placed at Tier VII, the highest Tier in-game. If you want to unlock the Tirpitz you are going to need to get Admiralty Backing, available in-game for 2,500 Doubloons. Considering Admiralty Backing effectively triples the rewards from the campaign and opens the way to earn Tirpitz — it’s a tremendous value, all-in-all there isn’t a better time to get started in World of Warships: Legends.

The release brings new content as well! German destroyers are here, bringing their punchy guns and sonar into the faster battles of World of Warships: Legends. German battleships also make their first appearance through the early access system, which gives players the chance to play—and keep — the German battleships early!