World of Warplanes: Join the Conquest Mode Common Test

As a World of Tanks player, you've seen plenty of the battlefield on the ground. It's time to take to the skies! If you haven't tried World of Warplanes, this is the perfect time: Test our new "Conquest" game mode. It features new bomber aircraft, respawns, improved balance, revamped graphics, maps, and more.

Heads up! The Test Server reboots daily from 01:00 PT / 04:00 ET to 01:30 PT / 04:30 ET!

Starts September 14, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends September 24 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET 

Join the Test | About Conquest Mode | Missions

How do I Join the Test? 

We want your feedback! Download and test Conquest mode in three simple steps:

1. Install the Wargaming Game Center Launcher

Download Now

2. Click “All Games”

then “Install game by ID”

3. Enter the following code in the blank field: 

Take flight and tell us what you think!

"Conquest" Mode

Storm the skies to capture and hold key points on the ground! Fighters and anti-aircraft artillery will protect targets like Airfields and Military bases, Command Centers and Industrial Objects, and the capture of each particular target not only gives Influence Points but also tangible bonuses in battle, which can tip the outcome of the battle in your favor.


We’re implementing bombers, a new class of planes with good flight performance at high altitude, powerful engines, and a huge bomb load.

Fly one of these heavyweights or be part of an interception group to stop them before they drop their bombs. Want to be a rear gunner? Now you can manually control your rear guns!

Respawn Mechanics

If you test the new update, you'll also be able to try out new mechanics like in-battle respawn and reworked maps, along with new graphics and effects.


Take on test missions to earn Tokens on the live server! 


Mission Restrictions Reward(s)

Mission 1

Play three battles in each aircraft type for a total of 15 battles.

  • Once per Account

+10 Tokenson Live Server

Mission 2

Play 100 battles in which you destroy two enemy aircraft (defender aircraft don't count) or two ground objects. 

  • Once per Account

+40 Tokenson Live Server

Mission 3

Win 60 battles in which you destroy two enemy aircraft (defender aircraft don't count) or two ground objects.

  • Once per Account

+50 Tokenson Live Server

Mission 4

Destroy 300 enemy aircraft or 300 ground objects over any number of battles. 

  • Once per Account

+50 Tokenson Live Server


The Skies are Calling

The new look of the game depends on you. Take part in the battles, note issues or bugs, then share your impressions and wishes.