Warplanes 2.0: Bombers, Respawns, and So Much More

Fly Higher, Fly Faster, Fly Fearless, 
Get Airborne


Want Free XP for Tanks? World of Warplanes has a x3 XP first-win bonus this weekend, starting October 20. The Free XP is shared between World of Warplanes and World of Tanks!*

World of Warplanes 2.0 drops you right into the action with a MASSIVE new update combining fierce 20th-century aerial battles with tactical teamwork, all for territorial control.

Take to the skies in fighters, attack aircraft and a new class of bombers and launch epic raids in a new mode where victory depends on your team’s ability to capture and hold key territories on the battlefield below. Shot down? Get back in the action faster than ever before with in-battle respawns!

*Keep an eye out: Shared Free XP means that if you spend it in your World of Tanks Garage, that same amount is gone from your World of Warplanes Hangar. 

Been with us for a while? Don't worry, your planes and your progress are saved.

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