Celebrate One Whole Year of WoT's Next!

What a year it's been, huh? Cmdr_AF, FixItInPost, and everyone on the video team has pulled off the impossible - one year of WoT's Next in the midst of a global health crisis! A huge shoutout to everyone who made WoT's Next a success, not to mention our steller compatriots in Brazil and Latin America

You can catch up on all of WoT's Next with this handy-dandy playlist. Just for fun, let's look at a bit of stats and FAQs!

WoT's Next - By the Numbers

  • Bonus codes delivered: 64
  • WoT's Next Prize Bundle recipients: 582
  • Premium Tanks transported: 195
  • Team Clash dominations: 1 (easily our proudest stat)
  • Laughs: countless.


WoT's Next FAQs!

What does "AF" in "Cmdr_AF" stand for?


Answer: It stands for "Armored & Furious." Or maybe it was "Arty Farty"? I'm not sure. You'll have to ask her yourself.


Was it always called "WoT's Next"?


Answer: During development, the show was initially called "The World of Tanks Wacky Weekly News & Puppet Theater." The puppet angle was dropped, because sometimes genius ideas aren't appreciated in their time. Philistines.


Will watching WoT's Next make me smarter and more attractive?


Answer: Yes.


T-shirt design contest winners!

After an agonizing amount of delibrations, we have our winners for our 1-year anniversary T-shirt design contest! Congratulations to these lucky tankers:

  • 1st place: Warrhorse
  • 2nd place: HELLBOUNDflame
  • 3rd place: pylorns

Give our finalists a round of applause, and check out the 1st place winner on Amazon!

Where do we go from here?

Hopefully not into another pandemic.

Joking aside, we're honored and excited to show off the big plans coming for WoT's Next. From all of us at World of Tanks, thank you for watching!

Now, tune in and keep your eyes peeled for bonus codes and giveaways galore. WoT's Next battles on!