WoTPro North American Invitational [UPDATE]


With WoTPro becoming available, and PAX already underway, Curse has opted to kick things off with a very special invitational tournament!

Our buddy nagatron over at Curse put it best, so we'll let his words share the news:

Greetings fellow tankers,

Curse has been given the opportunity to host the World of Tanks tournament being streamed at PAX this year with commentary by Lord Farquad, Relics and me (nagatron)! In celebration of our brand new World of Tanks specific website the WoTPro North American Invitational will see 8 of the best tournament teams in North America face off in a double elimination bracket that is guaranteed to yield a lot of intense matches. 

 The following teams will be competing starting on Friday August 31st at 11AM PST and will continue to do so over the following 2 days of PAX with the grand finals taking place on September 2nd at 2PM PST.

Teams Rules
  • SIMP
  • Banned Angels
  • River of Blood
  • Red Sky
  • ACES
  • Wreak Havok
  • FORGEt the Basics
  • Starry Night
  • 7v7: 52 points
  • Encounter Mode: 10 Minutes
  • Best of 5
  • Tier 8 Max: Medium, Heavy, Tank Destroyer ONLY (no lights, no artillery)
  • Maps played:
    El Halluf, Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Murovanka, Ruinberg, Siegfried Line and Steppes

    Each team gets to ban one map each at the beginning of their set leaving 5 left which will rotate randomly after every game. 

 Competitors will clash in Encounter Mode where the map changes after every game. At the beginning of a set each team selects one map (out of 7 total) that they do not wish to play and the fights take place in a best of five on the remaining maps with ten minutes on the clock. This format is limited to tier 8 mediums, heavies and tank destroyers with no lights or artillery permitted. A maximum of 7 players for a grand total of 52 points will be allowed on the battle field providing each team plenty of armor to work with.

 The maps played will be: El Halluf, Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Murovanka, Ruinberg, Siegfried Line and Steppes.

 We'll be giving away all sorts of Curse and Wargaming loot throughout the event so don't forget to watch the stream over the weekend.


Check out the WoTPro article here.

WoTPro North American Invitational Now Live