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WoTPro Invitational Day 3 [UPDATE]



Day three of the WoTPro North American Invitational is underway.  We'll let our buddy nagatron over at Curse give you the rundown:

Good morning tankers

Yesterday proved that this tournament is going to be absolutely chock full of adrenaline and nail biting finishes. Twice, games came down to the very last moment and I think we can all agree it just doesn't get any better than that! Check out the live updating bracket here, if you miss any of the action and want to catch up on the results. Don't forget to head over to our facebook group for the chance to win Wargaming/Curse loot and to give feedback on how everything is going.


Streaming of day three starts at 1:30 PDT today!

WoTPro North American Invitational Now Live

Check out the article at WoTPro here.