WoTPro Hosts King of the Hill Tournament


The folks over at WoTPro started an ongoing series of competitions earlier in October, entitled King of the Hill. Relics from WoTPro, and a fellow tanker,  has detailed the tournament information for us:

We are now moving into week 3 of Curse’s King of the Hill tournament series where top teams compete for some cold hard cash. Last week we saw River of Blood viciously battle it out with the current champions Havok Decepticons. If you missed any of the sweet tank on tank action have no fear, you can check it out here:

King of the Hill - Week 2 VOD

Our 3rd match up will be taking place on Sunday 10/28 where Havok Decepticons will be battling to keep their crown for the 3rd week straight. We will be live streaming as usual from CurseTV’s King of the Hill channel here - don’t miss it!

The format is as follows:

  • 7v7
  • 52 points maximum
  • Tier 8 Limit: Heavy, Medium, and Tank Destroyers only
  • Maximum of two autoloaders per team
  • 10 min Encounter Mode maps
  • Each team can ban 1 map per round from the rotation
  • Maps are: El Hallouf, Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg, Sand River, Siegfried Line and Steppes

The first team to win (3) matches wins the round

The first team to win (2) full rounds becomes that week’s King of the Hill

The winner of each week’s event earns 140$ for their team (20$ per player) and gets to defend their crown in the next weeks matches against a new opponent.

Teams are selected by a mixture of invitation and application. Should you feel that your team could be a strong competitor then send us an email at worldoftanks@curse.com with “KotH” and your team name in the subject line. Please provide the in game names of your 7 team members and list any past tournament experience to help us choose wisely. 

Even if you aren't planning on joining the fray with your tournament team, the action and commentary are definitely worth watching!

This tournament is not being hosted by Wargaming, so all questions should be directed to the WoTPro staff.                            

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