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WoT at Tankfest

The annual world-wide renowned Tankfest is held from June 25th till June 26th in Bovington, Dorset. As usual at The Tank Museum all visitors are treated to British military history shows bringing the story of tanks and soldiers to life.

This year special is the new booth that was constructed at Tamiya hall, opposite to Afghanistan section. No surprise, the booth is wholly dedicated to tanks! However unlike other ones the new stand is all about virtual vehicles. World of Tanks team has been invited to participate in the current Tankfest.

The second day of Tankfest promises to be busy. If you have a chance to come and visit it, do not hesitate! If you are far away but would really desire to be there, follow Overlord’s blog for regular updates. And do not miss a photo overview of Tankfest in Bovington that will appear in Developers’ Blog tomorrow.

Enjoy the show!