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World of Tanks Magazine Quiz Winners

In the latest issue of World of Tanks Magazine, we held a quiz. Players who aced it won a KV-220-2! Take a look below to see if you won.

NA Winners

  • __tango01__
  • fedecastillo
  • Apella
  • 7th_hell
  • machsquad
  • rqyu
  • higdeff
  • IronCanadian
  • Nomlack
  • sph34r
  • kgmonkey
  • reptilesr1ke
  • neemetepst
  • jmcm1
  • Ome_Joop
  • HMRoyalLancers
  • CiPeX
  • D_Jackson531
  • TwixOps
  • MoshiMoshiRoyMustangDesu
  • Tagit227
  • Draxanoth
  • Eroticjellyfish
  • DS_G4MER
  • Shayden1
  • Levkov
  • Seawa
  • Harvester23
  • Relic_of_war
  • Vevrain
  • Warhawk402
  • Cherem_warfare
  • ObviouslyCactus
  • Ion7
  • CaptianMob
  • panzer_277
  • reapingmachine
  • Jayrod413
  • jgjoka
  • _landey_
  • Han_Y0lo
  • Sunnyboy56
  • animallover_1
  • Mentalnomad
  • HandsomeMonkeyKing
  • Nicki_lops
  • Badboyz3210
  • CmdWood

Interested in taking the quiz yourself? Here's a recap -- it's too late to win a tank, but you can see how you do!

1. What are your responsibilities as a player?

  1. Provide incomplete, inaccurate, or incorrect information when creating an account 
  2. Commit criminal and other illegal actions
  3. Post threats, incite violence, and commit other illegal actions on gaming resources 
  4. Comply with other requirements and obligations under this agreement and key documents 
Correct Answer

 Comply with other requirements and obligations under this agreement and key documents 

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2. Which nation's tech tree is not yet available in World of Tanks? 

  1. France
  2. Great Britain 
  3. Sweden
  4. Czechoslovakia 
Correct Answer


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3. Where did the Мark I shoot from in the Convoy game event?

  1. The main gun
  2. The side guns
  3. Both the main and side guns
  4. It can only ram 
Correct Answer

 The side guns

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4. Which of these vehicle types brings the most Experience and Credits per battle?

  1. A tier I-V medium tank
  2. A Premium tier II-VIII vehicle
  3. A tier VII-IX light tank
  4. A tier IV-VIII heavy tank
Correct Answer

 A Premium tier II-VIII vehicle

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5. Which award is for destroying four enemy vehicles that were capturing the base in a battle?

  1. Defender
  2. Patrol Duty 
  3. De Langlade's Medal 
  4. Dumitru's Medal 
Correct Answer

 De Langlade's Medal 

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6. Which map can be played in Encounter mode?

  1. Fisherman's Bay 
  2. Sacred Valley 
  3. Steppes
  4. Stalingrad 
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7. In which battle type can you play tier I-IV vehicles? 

  1. Random Battle
  2. Team Battle
  3. Assault
  4. Encounter Battle
Correct Answer

Random Battle

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