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WoT Assistant 2.0 Arrives for Android, Windows Phone

If you have a Windows Phone or an Android device, you’re in luck! Today we’re happy to introduce version 2.0 of the indispensable World of Tanks Assistant compatible with the updated Global Map.

What's New in Clan Wars?

Fronts have replaced regions! Now you can find basic information for any front on the Global Map, from the minimum vehicle tier allowed, to division costs and bid information.

Confused about any Clan Wars terms? Don’t be, click this link instead!

Windows Phone

The Global Map

With the release of Global Map 2.0, the number of provinces has increased, allowing more room to maneuver! Now, you can use the Assistant to find detailed information about any province, including its type, prime time, income level and map.

Clan Profile Changes

We’ve made some changes the Clan profile and added ELO ratings (a Clan’s rating on the Global Map that reflects their combat performance) for each tier of battle. We've also updated the list of Clan ratings, which now matches the new Global Map. Don’t worry – you can still see all of the important data like average win rate, experience, damage, and Clan invitation requirements.


Be the first to get your hands on World of Tanks Assistant 2.0, and use its information to develop new tactics and military skills to dominate the Global Map!