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World of Tanks Assistant 1.8 for Windows Phone

With the release of World of Tanks Assistant Version 1.8 for Windows phones, both the Global and Event Maps are now within your grasp! Everything from the Alley of Fame to province details.

Still can't decide which province to capture? World of Tanks Assistant can help! Searching for provinces is incredibly simple with filters by region or province type, and various ways to sort and or search directly by name.

Want to take part in a Clan tournament? Simply select the landing or revolting province with the highest income to compete for the big bucks.

If you already own a province, just open it in World of Tanks Assistant to plan an expansion. The list of neighboring provinces with the indication of income will help you make the right choice.

You can also view the complete list of all the Clans participating on the Global or Event Map.

Download the update now, and take Clan Wars to go!


Release Notes

  • Global Map and Event Map now within reach. Everything from Alley of Fame to province details!
  • Additional graphs added in the player's Summary and in the tank's detailed statistics.
  • Stability improvements and minor fixes.