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World of Tanks Assistant Version 1.7 Released for Android


The Android version of WoT Assistant has now  added the Tankopedia feature! Now, everywhere you go, you will have access to the tank knowledgebase, even if you’re offline. Explore and compare your favorite tanks from your phone!

For users of WoT Assistant on other platforms, worry not -- while the new functionality will be available in the Android version first, Assistant for iOS and Windows Phone will receive a similar update soon!

WoT Assistant 1.7 Interface


Our specially-designed ratings system with animated indicators will help you understand all of the tank characteristics easily. Compare the same class of vehicles by opening a chart based on a chosen parameter. Switching between basic and maximum configurations will also tell you which tank is worth those precious Credits and Gold.

Curious of how characteristics will change by installing a new gun or turret? Which module is next in line to research? Is it worth it? You'll find the answer in WoT Assistant's Tankopedia! Just pick the module you want, and the system will instantly recalculate all ratings.

In addition, we took the usage statistics into account and made some of the popular WoT Assistant features available without logging in. News, Tankopedia and Players/Clans are now easily accessible to all WoT Assistant users without the need to log in first. Needless to say, the private information section remains unaffected and is only available after logging in.

Check out WoT Assistant v1.7 for more features and goodies!

Release Notes

  • Tankopedia. Find out more about characteristics of various vehicles featured in the game
  • Quickly switch between modules and see characteristics change in a specially tailored Ratings system
  • View leaderboards with tanks of the same class, based on a selected characteristic
  • Use non-private features (News, Tankopedia, Players/Clans) without logging in
  • Personal Rating on the Summary tab
  • Minor bug fixes

News Flash! We would like to reiterate that World of Tanks Assistant is continuing to be supported on Windows Phone. Even though the latest version is still under development, you can download and use the current version below and be ready for the next big update: