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Worthplaying Reviews World of Tanks

Giving general overview of the game the author Tony "OUberLord" Mitera points out various details of World of Tanks. They may be clear for those who have been in WoT since long ago but not obvious for those who have recently become part of World of Tanks.

“Regardless of your level of upgrades or your tank type, the gameplay boils down to strategy that stops just short of being a simulation. Your tanks have unique attributes between models and even between the sum of their add-on parts, and each handles differently. Some tanks, such as lights and some mediums, are best used by continually moving and using their inherent stability to pop off shots while on the move. Others have more horsepower than their counterparts and can power up hills, whereas tanks with less oomph need to be driven through valleys and flatlands to keep up their speed. Slower tanks want to take cover from the punishing fire of enemy artillery, delivering their shots and then retreating to relative safety”, the review goes.

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