World of Tanks: Pre-Release Maintenance


World of Tanks informs all its players that pre-release maintenance works are scheduled for 0:00 AM EDT, April 12. From that moment World of Tanks game will be unavailable for up to 18 hours.

Technical details of the upcoming hardwipe / full reset:

  • Banned accounts (the ones on the non-selected server) created during the server-split on January 17 are to be removed. 
  • Social contacts are to be removed (friends and ingnore lists).
  • Registered clans and their members are to be carried over to the release.
  • Hardwipe / full reset is to be performed: experience, gold, credits, research progress, modules, equipment,
  • achievements and medals are to be reset.
  • Premium tanks for those players who registered using special CBT keys are to be assigned (extra slot included).
  • CBT participants registered prior to 27 January 2011 00:00:00 UTC with 1.000 or more battles played according to profile statistics are to be rewarded with M4A2E4 gift tank (extra slot included).

Right upon the server launch the release version will be available for downloading.

Follow the updates and see you in the battlefields!

UPD. We are entering the final phase at the moment. Everything goes according to the announced plan, thus in a few hours World of Tanks goes live! Thank you for your patience!