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World of Tanks Invades E3!

World of Tanks has invaded E3! The first day at the famous Expo was impressive, with a couple of tanks which are parked outside the Los Angeles Convention Center, delighting the visitors and demonstrating the glory of the in-game vehicles.

The visitors of the Expo have a great opportunity to play World of Tanks on the spot, using special demo-accounts with all in-game vehicles available for use.

Besides that, team presented its Ultimate Conquest trailer, a video representing the massive Clan Wars. Another ambitious announcement by is the development of the new game project called World of Warplanes that features military aircraft from the 1930s through the 1950s. gives a review of World of Tanks at E3 and provides the WoT trailer and new screenshots in its  article. You can read full story here.

E3 Expo will last till June 9, so there is still enough time for you to join the WoT Army and check out real tanks! And do not miss the unique chance to meet the devs at Hug the Devs for Real! event which will happen June 10 from 6 till 7 PM (local time) in CHAMPIONSHIP LOUNGE BAR  (you will find more pictures here) of ESPN Zone. (Address: ESPN Zone, Championship Lounge, 1011 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015)

Stay tuned for more World of Tanks!