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World of Tanks Release 1st Anniversary

The celebration of  World of Tanks Worldwide Release 1st Anniversary will take place on August 12th. On this day last year the game was officially launched. Obviously it was a great day for WOT dedicated tankers. They were witnesses of the development of the game, they watched World of Tanks growing and developing with new maps added, tank trees expanded and gameplay becoming more and more diverse.

The milestones of the past year are here:       

  • The number of players worldwide exceeds 5.000.000;
  • World of Tanks was awarded more than 20 times during exhibitions and conferences;
  • World of Tanks holds Guinness Book of Records Record for Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server (91 311 players, January 23rd, 2011);
  • Over 20 championships and tournaments were held in World of Tanks including Ural Steel, which became international;
  • More than 2,300 teams comprising over 45,000 players partook in those championships and tournaments.

The development of the project is ceaseless. Thus during the last year 15 updates were deployed.

Dedicated to our 1st Anniversary World of Tanks team have prepared a special that will definitely be appreciated by all WOT tankers. The secrecy will be revealed soon.

Follow the news and stay tuned!