World of Tanks Holiday Special

Holiday Special


You too can ring in the holiday cheer; cruising the battlefields in style this year. Take advantage of deals that will make buying a tank seem like a steal!

Starting at 3:30AM PST (6:30AM EST, 11:30 AM UTC) on December 21, 2011 and ending at 3:00AM PST (6:00AM EST, 11:00AM UTC) on December 27, 2011 all World of Tanks players will have access to the following discounts and bonuses.

  • 5x experience for the first victory each day on all of your tanks
  • 50% discount on all premium tanks tiers 2-5:
    • Matilda, Churchill, T-25, T-14,  Ram-II, Valentine, PzKpfw 38H735 (f) , PzKpfw S35 739 (f),  T-15 , PzKpfw B2 740 (f), T2 Light Tank, M22 Locust
  • 50% discount on all standard tanks tiers 2-5:
    • USSR
      • BT-2, T-26, BT-7, T-28, T-46, A-20, T-50, T-50-2, T-34, AT-1, SU-76, SU-85B, SU-85, KV, SU-18, SU-26, SU-5, SU-8
    • Germany
      • PzKpfw 35 (t), PzKpfw II, PzKpfw 38 (t), PzKpfw III Ausf. A, PzKpfw II Luchs, VK 1602 Leopard, PzKpfw 38 nA, VK 2801, PzKpfw III, PzKpfw IV, PzKpfw III/IV, Panzerjäger I, Marder II, Hetzer, StuG III, Sturmpanzer I Bison, Sturmpanzer II, Wespe, Grille, Hummel
    • USA
      • M2 Light Tank, M3 Stuart, M5 Stuart, M24 Chaffee, T2 Medium Tank, M2 Medium Tank, M3 Lee, M4 Sherman, M7, T1 heavy, T18, T82, T40, M10 Wolverine, T57, M37, M7 Priest, M41
  • 50% discount on these gold-purchased features:
    • Increasing the size of your barracks
    • Tank Academy training
    • Tank Academy training for each tanker purchased along with a new tank
    • Crew retraining

Be sure to take advantage of these fantastic deals while they last! On December 27, 2011 at 4:00AM PST the special will end and prices will return to normal.

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