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World of Tanks at Gamescom. Day 2

World of Tanks continues its show at Gamescom 2011, which is held August 17-22 in Cologne, Germany.

While the first day of the exhibition was a so-called 'business day', the second one is actually the first day of the main show. Everyone is allowed and warmly welcome!

August 18, the booth of World of Tanks will boast our best teasers and trailers, the music will be relevant to the atmosphere of the booth which hasn’t changed since yesterday. It still reminds the rigorous military training camp executed in best hi-tech traditions.

Today we expect hundreds of players eager to try out the game in our gaming zone and those who have been into the game for a while to partake in the Open Tournament held daily. Everyone to play the game today will receive a token and exchange it for a branded World of Tanks T-shirt!

The show will go on and we will inform you about all the most interesting events to take place at Gamescom, and namely our booth. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Stay tuned for more World of Tanks!