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World of Tanks at G-Star 2011

G-Star 2011

This weekend, the annual G-Star expo will be taking place in Busan, Korea. Wargaming will be on hand to allow attendees the chance to play World of Tanks and score in-game loot to take home with them.

The festivities kicked off on November 10th, and the expo will continue through November 13th, 2011 between the hours of 10:00 and 18:00. Fans are encouraged to stop by the World of Tanks booth to enjoy the game while checking out the awesome tanks we've brought along with us.

We've already taken quite a few photos at the expo, which you can check out here on the World of Tanks Facebook page. The album includes the sights around G-Star, as well as a glimpse of the World of Tanks booth itself!

If you're in the Busan, Korea area this weekend, don't miss out on G-Star 2011!

And don't forget to visit the Korean promo website of World of Tanks, found at!