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World of Tanks at G-Star 2011. Day 2

The second day of  G-Star in Busan, Korea, was even more amazing than the first one -- our tyros and experienced tankers improve the scores with each battle impressing even the hardcore players. The special show with the terrific bands raise their spirit as well as elevate the beat of the exposition. Our steel beasts parked outside and inside the expo hall attract hundreds of  passers-by, who take time by the forelock and take a shot by their side.

Now this is the high time for us to check out the video of the second day at the  G-Star expo! And don't forget to visit the Korean promo website of World of Tanks, found at!

You can also see the pictures of the first day on our Facebook page.

The expo will continue through November 13th, 2011 between the hours of 10:00 and 18:00 so if you're in the Busan, Korea area this weekend, don't miss out on G-Star 2011!

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