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World of Tanks E3 2012 Invitational Live Stream

Tankers! Above you can watch the live stream of the World of Tanks E3 2012 Invitational. Team SIMP will be playing live from E3 against other top tournament teams. With 25000 gold per player up for grabs if a team defeats SIMP, the level of competition is sure to be high!

Here is the match schedule for each day:

All times listed are Pacific Standard TimeCurious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out.

June 5, 2012
Time Map Opponent
1PM Mines No Dumb Pubs
2PM Prokhorovka Havok
3PM Dragon Ridge SSGS
4PM Himmelsdorf Grumpy Old Men
5PM Ensk Action - Mercenaries
June 6, 2012
Time Map Opponent
11AM Arctic Region Red Sky
12PM Abbey My Little Ponies
2PM South Coast More Cow Bell
3PM Mountain Pass Havok Nemo
4PM Siegfried Line Banned Angels
5PM Dragon Ridge Whirlpool Forum Crew
June 7, 2012
Time Map Opponent
11AM Ruinberg Wargaming America
2PM Live Oaks Cazadores
3PM Steppes Guerrillas
4PM South Coast FORGE

Each battle will include shoutcasting by Wargaming America's lord_farquad and's nagatron. Be sure to tune in all day long as we'll also have exclusive interviews and other fun content on the stream when a match isn't taking place!