World of Tanks is Coming to Xbox One!

When World of Tanks first came to the Xbox 360, the concept of free-to-play gaming on a console was nearly unheard of. But after a year of milestones, updates, community growth, and relentless armored combat, World of Tanks has blasted its way into the spotlight and the living rooms of aspiring Xbox tank commanders worldwide.

With over 5 million downloads across nearly 150 countries, World of Tanks on Xbox 360 is a global success. Such an accomplishment would not be possible without our fantastic community of enthusiastic tankers, which is why we could not be more excited to share an awesome announcement with you today!

World of Tanks is Coming to Xbox One!

Big news, right? We know you are eager to take the fight to the One, so let's answer the big questions first.

Yes, World of Tanks on Xbox One will support cross-platform play.

Yes! Of course. Absolutely, you'll be able to play World of Tanks against tankers on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One at release! This means commanders on Xbox 360 and Xbox One will go head-to-head on the same battlefields. But all that high-explosive, metal-smashing, steel-on-steel combat that you know and love will look oh so nice on your Xbox One.

Yes, your hard-earned progress comes with you to Xbox One.

Yes, it does. Your progress must come with you!

Because your progress is connected to your Xbox Live account, all your progress including vehicles, Experience, Credits, Gold and items that you've fought hard to earn will come with you to Xbox One, so long as you're using the same account!

Yes, you can play on both systems and maintain progress on one account.

Yes, it's the same Xbox live account. Do you own both systems or play your Xbox Live account on multiple systems? You'll be able to continue to play on Xbox 360 and Xbox One and maintain your progress across them with the same account.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about this release. We'll see you on the battlefield!