World of Tanks Board Game: Barnes & Noble Exclusive!

Barnes & Noble Exclusive!

Bring the desktop to your table top, pick up the World of Tanks: Miniatures Game starter set including a complete set of national decals exclusively at your local Barnes & Noble today.

The Barnes & Noble version of the game comes with four sheets of decals for the U.S.A., U.K., Germany (shown below), and U.S.S.R. you can use to decorate the tanks included with the game.

Tiger I and M26 Pershing Now Available!

Beef up your starter platoon with WAVE IV fan favorites, the American M26 Pershing and German Tiger I. For more information on the game, including how to play videos, and reviews, visit the World of Tanks Miniatures Game page. Each vehicle pack is sold separately.

M26 Pershing

Tiger I

The World of Tanks Miniatures Game

Take the battle off the screen and onto the tabletop with the World of Tanks Miniatures Game!

Created in collaboration with Galeforce Nine, World of Tanks: Miniatures Game features a new spin on the franchise with turned-based, strategy-oriented play.

How to Play the World of Tanks Miniatures Game

The World of Tanks Miniatures Starter Box includes:

Tanks And Tank Cards: Four assembled and pre-painted 1:100 scale miniatures, ready for battle. Each tank has a tank card that contains all the stats and information you need to know.

Crew, Module, and Upgrade Cards: Represent the extraordinary soldiers or additional equipment that separates an individual tank from the factory standard. They are used to modify a tank’s stats or give them extra abilities. In the Starter Set you will find 31 different cards you can use to personalize your tanks.

Dice, Tokens And Terrain: Six custom six-sided dice featuring blank, hit, and critical faces.

Each game uses a mixture of terrain: Woods, hills, buildings, and walls make each battlefield unique. Inside the box you will find a pair of double-sided cardboard woods or hills, which provide cover or block line of sight, four buildings that restrict your movement options and can hide tanks, and four walls that can provide some cover from enemy fire.

A range of cardboard tokens helps you keep track of what is going on during the battle: Which tank is which and how fast they moved, along with a measuring arrow used for everything from movement, checking close range, and setting up the battlefield.

Critical Deck: Most hits tend to eat away at the hit points of a tank, but there are always those exceptional hits that damage equipment or even kill the crew. To represent these potentially devastating hits there is a critical deck of 32 cards ranging from a Lucky Hit that does extra damage, through to the Engine Fire card that can potentially wreck a tank with one hit.

Rulebook: A detailed Rulebook to help you getting started with your first battles and learn all about how to play World of Tanks: Miniatures Game.

Invite and Bonus Codes: The Starter Set (and all World of Tanks: Miniatures Game products) comes with a special invite code (for the creation of a new account) giving you a Premium Tank, Garage Slot, 7 days of Premium Account and 500 gold—all for free.

For existing players, the Starter Set still has a bonus for you including 3 days of WoT Premium Account, Large Repair Kit, Extra Combat Rations, Chocolate, Pudding and Tea, and a Case of Cola. Each expansion also includes further redemption codes giving Premium Account time or other Consumables.

Want More Vehicles? Get an Expansion!

Extra vehicles are now available in a variety of Expansion packages, with more on the way. Here's what you can get now:

M3 Lee Expansion

StuG III G Expansion

SU-100 Expansion

Valentine Expansion

Each expansion contains a pre-painted Tank, five (5) Crew members, Module, Upgrade Cards, and an Online Bonus Code. You can pre-order upcoming Expansions at the Gale Force Nine's Store.

You can also find the World of Tanks: Miniatures Game at the Wargaming Store.

Gale Force Nine (GF9) is a game company focused on creating hobby gaming products with rich strategic play based on licenses from fan-favourite media properties such as Dungeons & Dragons Star Trek, Dr. Who, Dune, Firefly, Aliens, and now World of Tanks. With a global sales network and a specialized multi-lingual team of in-house game designers, they offer products in over a dozen language markets around the world.



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