Winter Wolfpack

Join the packs of medium tank commanders and wreak havoc on your foes! This weekend, enjoy discounts on medium tanks and reap the rewards when you bring hurt to those enemy vehicles. 

Starts Friday, December 11, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET
Ends Monday, December 14, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET


Reg. Medium Tanks
Tiers II-V

50% Off

Tiers VI-VII
30% Off

Credits Price



Snowball Fight

Damage four (4) or more targets in a single winning battle and place in the top 10 XP earners.

  • Medium tanks only
  • Random battles only
  • Tier IV or higher
  • Repeatable

+50%Crew XP

Abominable Snowball Fight

Complete Snowball Fight a total of 25 times.

  • Once per account

10xSmall Repair Kits

10xSmall First Aid Kits

10xMan. Fire Extinguisher


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