Winter Celebration Part I


The weekend, and the start of what many consider to be their holiday vacation, is nearly here!  We at the NA Wargaming offices are about to burst with all the events and goodies we've got in store for you.  To jump start the festivities, an XP bonus and a wave of discounts are headed your way tomorrow morning! 

Expect even more announcements regarding further holiday events in the coming days.  It's our way of saying 'thank you for being so awesome!'.  Enjoy!

The Winter Celebration event begins tomorrow, starting at 03:30 PST December 21, 2012 (11:30 UTC) and will be ending at 03:00 PST December 26, 2012 (11:00 UTC)**. Curious what time this is in your area?  Use this handy Time Zone Converter to find out.

Celebration Details

**Experience bonus for the first victory of the day: 5x

**The 5x experience bonus will only be in effect 03:30 PST Dec 21st through 0:30 PST Dec 25th.  All other bonuses              and discounts run through the 26th at 03:30 PST.

30% credit and gold discount on Emblems

50% gold discount on Barracks for your crewmen

90% gold discount on Crew Renaming

25% credit and gold discount on Camouflage

Discount on the following Premium Account packages:

  • One year (360 days) for 21,600
  • Six months (180 days) for 12,150

Credit income boost: +70%

  • V Churchill I Churchill I
  • V T1 Heavy Tank T1 Heavy Tank
  • V StuG III StuG III
  • V S-35 CA S-35 CA
  • V T-34 T-34
  • Credit income boost: +30%

  • VII Black Prince Black Prince  
  • VII T29 T29
  • VII Jagdpanther Jagdpanther
  • VII AMX AC Mle. 1946 AMX AC Mle. 1946
  • VII T-43 T-43
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