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WGLNA Hunt the Pros Event

You can only earn 1 reward (150) per battle for this mission. Killing multiple Pros in a battle only pays once.


You may have seen them battle each other live on

You may have been watching and already have a favorite team or player. Click here for current standings or here for current brackets.

You have probably told your friends, "Hey, I can beat that guy," or, "He isn't very good," or even, "Why would he do something dumb like that?"

If so, then this is the event for you.

We have let loose the WGLNA Pros into the game and placed a 150bounty on them. This means, anytime you destroy a pro on the enemy team, you will automatically get 150as a reward, not to mention the bragging rights for destroying one of the pros. TEAM KILLING DOES NOT COUNT, SO DON'T DO IT!


The pros will be in game from Wednesday, October 9, 2013 until the end of the WGLNA Season 2 (around mid-November).

They will be specially marked with a red target over their names, and will be from one of two clans only: [WGL-A] and [WGL-B]. These are the ONLY clans activated for payouts; anyone else is not legitimate. Payouts are automatic AFTER the battle, so no need to take screen pics or send replays in.

Below are the team pages represented in [WGL-A]:

Below are the team pages represented in [WGL-B]:

The pros will be playing randomly throughout the days and times as they are from all over the world. They will be playing through all tier levels so keep an eye out. You never know where they may pop up!

Some teams may be streaming their adventures for you to watch live as well. Keep a lookout for their posts and info on their individual team pages linked on each bracket clan page above.

So, go out play some random battles, find a pro, BLAST and DESTROY them, and win 150

Good hunting!

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