Updates to the Wargaming Game Center

Your convenience will always be our top priority, so the Wargaming Game Center now serves as the primary tool for delivering updates for our games in all regions. After carefully reviewing your feedback, we've implemented new features to save you time and provide a more enjoyable experience.

Convenience Is Key

In December 2018, the Wargaming Game Center updates added the following new features:

  • Multi-login option
  • Choose your server
  • Improved PC resource utilization during updates
  • Exit option at hand
Multi-login option

Log into the game from different Wargaming.net accounts and quickly switch between them — nothing limits your gaming freedom and flexibility.

Choose your server

We're well aware for some players it's crucial to play on a specific server or region. With the updated Game Center, when you start the World of Tanks client, you can select the appropriate server. You can activate the server selection in the game settings with a few mouse clicks.

Improved PC resource utilization during updates

We've noticeably improved the performance of your PC when installing our games and updates. You can now get the optimal performance for updates by turning on the Use all computer resources during installation option.

Exit option at hand

Now you can instantly exit the Game Center by clicking the close button. This feature will be especially significant for low-end PCs and will help maintain a high level of performance.

The Latest Update

The latest Game Center update, which took place in January 2019, brought some new improvements to functionality:

  • Improved Player Support flow
  • Direct link to the "Redeem bonus" page
Improved Player Support flow

One of the most user-friendly changes is the addition of ability to generate a report and open folder with a report by clicking the button on the Support Portal.

Direct link to the "Redeem bonus" page

Now you can go to the “Redeem Bonus” page directly from your user profile by clicking on a special link.

It's your feedback that drove the latest improvements and it will continue to make the WGC better. We're happy to consider your ideas regarding the Wargaming Game Center's features, so don't hesitate to leave your responses, opinions, and offers on the forum.

We're continuing to move forward, and we will constantly evolve and improve the Game Center during 2019 and beyond.

Stay tuned! 

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