Use WG Events!

WG Events is a service that helps you promote your very own events directly on our platforms. They just need a quick review from our teams prior to publication.

Whether your event is humble or extravagant, hit us up and we'll make sure to talk about your project, and even support it with codes and goodies if we fall in love with it.

Why should you use WG Events for your next meeting? Depending the event, we can offer the following support:

  • Featured on News block and other sections on
  • Basic rules and regulations template (for tournaments and activities)
  • In-game prizes for contests and tournaments (possible rewards include Gold, WoT Premium Account, Consumables, and more)
  • Observer mode delivery (such as for a broadcast)
  • Tournament accounts delivery (in special cases or only for the final tournament stages)
  • WG official social networks announcements
  • Contests and Quiz answers and questions delivery (for historical contests and quizes on the stream or on the venue)

Please see our instructions page for complete details:


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