Weekend Events for Jan. 31-Feb. 3

As January draws to a close and February begins, we've got a series of ongoing and new events! Here's a convenient calendar of events, special offers, missions, and more during the weekend:

FRIDAY, January 31: SATURDAY, February 1: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 2:
Free XP to Crew XP Conversion: 1 Free XP = 20 Crew XP* (until Feb. 3)
Tank Rewards: Love is a Battlefield (until Feb. 26)
Dynasty Wars Event (until Feb. 13)
Lunar New Year Event (ongoing; until Feb. 4)
Twitch Prime with Care Package Mike (ongoing; until Mar. 4)
  Tank University: Light Tank Missions (until Feb. 8) 
  Tournament Missions (until Mar. 1)
  Sherman VC Firefly Offers (until Feb. 21)
  KV-220-2 Offers (until Feb. 21)
  Object 244 Offer (until Feb. 22)
  30 Days Premium Account, Free Valentine II, and More Offer (until Mar. 1)
  Tank Mastery Misions: Wave 1 (until Feb. 9)

*How to Convert Free XP to Crew XP


Here's how to exchange Free XP for Crew XP:

To train a Crew member using Free XP: Open a Crew member's Personal File and click the "INCREASE" button. 

At the "Training for Free Experience" window, you can set the amount of Free XP to use to convert to Crew XP.