11th Anniversary Extended Weekend Discounts & More!

On April 8, we kick-off our 11th Anniversary events. To help get things started, we've got extended weekend discounts on everything from consumables to vehicles, quintuple XP for the first win each day, and a special XP exchange rate. Stay tuned for more 11th Anniversary event announcements!

Extended Weekend Discounts

DISCOUNTS BEGIN: Friday, April 8 at 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT 06:20 ET
DISCOUNTS END: Tuesday, April 12 at 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT 06:20 ET

First Win Each Day: ×5XP
XP to Free XP Conversion Rate: 1 Gold = 40  Free XP
Consumables 50%Credit Discount
Customizations 50%Gold Discount
 Equipment 50%Credit Discount
Garage Slot 50%Gold Discount
PremiumTier V Vehicles: 50%Gold Discount
PremiumTier VI–VII Vehicles: 30%Gold Discount
PremiumTier VIII Vehicles: 15% Gold Discount
RegularTier IV–V Vehicles: 50%Credits Discounts
RegularTier VI–VII Vehicles:* 30%Credits Discount
RegularTier VIII–X Vehicles:* 15%Credits Discount
*Discounts exclude: Czech heavy tanks (Vz. 44-1, TNH 105/1000, TNH T Vz. 51, and Vz. 55) and U.S. Yoh tanks (Pawlack Tank, M-II-Y, M-III-Y, M-IV-Y, and M-V-Y).