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Close Third Day at E3

We continue giving out E3 diary and present the story of the third day at the exposition, which was same successful as during the first two days, except for the fact that the number of new-born World of Tanks players has increased significantly. The tournaments held during all three days were so tempting that people came earlier to practice before main battles.

Moreover, Booth attracted many Mass Media representatives, and a pleasant remark is that many other companies developers visited us at the Expo, giving high value to our game. Another great feature of our booth was the showman who engaged all visitors with loads of jokes and pleasant actions.

"Meanwhile, the leading WoT showman enlivened the show and rejoiced our comers with first-rate performance full of jokes and tempting actions. He did a great job, keeping up the public interest and commenting on what was happening at World of Tanks Booth. The top awesome moment of the day, Apogee of the day so to say, arised when he climbed onto the tank and started throwing T-shirts and other souvenir relics by World of Tanks into the enormous crowd of visitors, who were already chanting "We love World of Tanks" at the top of their voice!"

Now it is time to share your impressions with developers in the informal setting, to take a nip and to get ultimate experience from the unforgettable chat-in! We invite you to Hug the Devs for Real! event which takes place today, June 10 from 6 till 7 PM (local time) in CHAMPIONSHIP LOUNGE BAR  (you will find more pictures here) of ESPN Zone. (Address: ESPN Zone, Championship Lounge, 1011 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015). Do not hesitate and meet us for real!

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