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Wargaming TV: G-Star Games Show


Several weeks ago, Wargaming paid a visit to Busan to attend Korea's largest gaming expo, G-Star; held over a span of four days from the  8th to 11th of November. On the eve of the World of Tanks Korean CBT (Closed Beta Testing), we decided to present ourselves to the gamers once more, and have a look at how the other companies prepared for the expo.

On closer inspection, it becomes apparant that the Koreans have their own approach to entertainment in comparison to the West. Korea is a country where video games are endorsed and recognised as a competitive sport on equal standing with the Olympics, to the extent that the president himself graces the gaming conventions with his presence. This gaming culture however, has yet to be incorporated into other countries and embraced in the same manner, Korea is seen as a gaming haven for this reason.

We share more about our participation in G-Star and our views on the event in the video below, so check it out! And by the way, World of Tanks managed to achieve an amazing feat during the expo, any guesses?

Take a look!