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Wargaming Brings E3 to You


E3: the Electronic Entertainment Expo. For many gamers, this is the event of the year: an opportunity to see what gaming companies have in the pipeline, a chance to see what awesome new titles, consoles, and peripherals are coming next. As avid fanatics, we're like you, waiting for the next hot innovation, the must-have item for the coming year. But, if you're not living near Los Angeles or connected to the gaming industry, you're left wanting, desperate to see what's happening at the show.

Well, don't despair. Like the watchful tank destroyer, we've got you covered.

Your friends at Wargaming will be on the floor at E3, streaming the event live every day from June 10-12. Whether you're hard at work or relaxing, jump into our stream when you want to see what's happening right now on the floor at E3.

Certainly, E3 is an exciting event, but Wargaming always likes to its own flair to the party. This year is no exception. Tune in to for the opportunity to win serious prizes.

How serious? How does $1,000 worth of prizes every hour sound?

We agree. That's just not enough. Find some free time and tune in for an opportunity to win over $2,000 of prizes per hour! We've partnered with J!NX, Alienware, Razer, Plantronics and Gunnar to bring you tons of great gaming merchandise, so why not get your fix of all the new hotness at E3 and take home some legitimate prizes all in one place?

Keep an eye out for an update with more information about the stream, schedule, prizes and event. We'll see you at the show!