Beta Opens for Wargaming Developer Partner Program

We are excited to announce the start of the Open Beta of the Wargaming Developer Partner Program (DPP). The DPP is a special service for third-party developers. Starting now, anyone willing to create mods, apps, web resources and other useful products for the multimillion-strong community of World of Tanks and World of Warplanes can obtain data from Wargaming’s titles and services.

Each Open Beta participant will have access to the Developer Room.

The Developer Room includes:

  • Global Wargaming services:
    • User authorization using the Wargaming Open ID
    • Developer Room with detailed documentation of methods and the possibility of testing requests
    • Support for developers via
  • World of Tanks game data:
    • Statistics and ratings of World of Tanks players
    • Encyclopedia of vehicles
    • Data about Clans and the Global Map
  • World of Warplanes game data:
    • Encyclopedia of vehicles with data on available aircraft, and information about technology, configurations and development
    • Statistics and ratings of World of Warplanes players
    • Fixes for errors found during beta testing

The test is open, so any user with a account can take part in the Open Beta Test of the Wargaming DPP.

Visit the Developer Room

Let’s develop together!


Please take into consideration that communication between user-developers of apps, modes or other useful products from all regions (EU, NA, ASIA, KR) will be carried out in the English-speaking subsection of the European forum. You can also leave your questions and suggestions for the WG DPP team here.