Overwolf's Twitch App Challenge Sponsored by Wickr

Streaming is quickly becoming an integral part of every gamer’s life; it’s time to take it to the next-level. Twitch and Overwolf teamed up for an app development contest that will blow the streaming experience through the roof for viewers and streamers alike.

Wargaming, in conjunction with Cloud9, CSL, ZAM, Plantronics, and MadOrc, is a proud sponsor of this challenge, and we're calling on our talented community members who are developers to assemble all your creative powers and coding abilities to shape the future of streaming. While there are some pretty good tools out there, there’s always room for improvement. Use the Overwolf platform to create an overlay app that can run on almost every game out there and share it with millions of gamers, streamers, and viewers worldwide. So get your foot through the door and a chance at the $25,000 prize pool!

All non-developers, we invite you to vote for your favourite apps on the Wickr website during the judging phase. You’re also more than welcome to post your ideas and requests for apps. Always wanted a pop-out chat with a Nyan-Cat frame? Now is the time to pressure someone into making one.

Twitch and Overwolf are searching for the best looking, most interesting, and overall awesome Overwolf apps that enhance the Twitch experience. Don't wait; take the Twitch App Challenge!