Wargaming and NVIDIA's Junior Tank Company


After weeks of hostilities, Major_Rampage and PicoMause have declared a cease fire to join up with our friends from NVIDIA. NVIDIA, who recently announced their GeForce eSports World of Tanks Open Tournament, has been gracious enough to accept our invitation to come do battle with us against the hordes of adoring fans.

Remember that time when Major_Rampage said he'd watch your dog, but when you came home Fido had a purple mohawk and had developed an annoying begging habit? Or how about that time when Pico said she'd pay for lunch, but conveniently 'forgot' her wallet. Well now's your chance to settle the score!

Date Name of Event Prize Pool
04.05.2013 Wargaming & NVIDIA Junior Tank Company
500 for Win / 250 for Loss Forum

From 15:00 PDT to 18:00 PDT on April 5, 2013, Major_Rampage, Pico, and the NVIDIA crew will be leading their Junior Tank Company on the field of battle. You don't even have to win in order to score yourself some gold. Simply build your tank company and keep an eye out for either of them on the battlefield.

If you face off against any of these teams, and anyone on your team is streaming the battle on Twitch.tv, you'll earn double the reward if you send a PM with a link of the video of your tream to Major Rampage before 23:59 on April 5, 2013 along with a note that you fought against either Pico or Ramage.

If you don’t have a tank that's able to compete in this week's Tank Company, you can still follow the action on Major_Rampage’s live stream on Twitch.tv. If you follow his stream you'll get notifications every time he streams to check out the action.

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