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Wargaming Road Tour: Upcoming Stops


For those of you who came out to our San Francisco player gathering, or who were able to find us out at SXSW, you've had the chance to see the Hummer in action; you know it's a magnificent beast of a machine. Marcus and the rest of the road crew are looking forward to meeting the waves of dedicated tankers at every event.

Well, we've nailed down a few more dates and places for our next couple of stops. Here's a brief rundown (click the event link for further details):




Dallas, TX 03/13 Wargaming Rocking out at Muse Concert
Dallas, TX 03/15 The Road Tour and the Mavericks
Shreveport, LA 03/16 Get Ringside with Wargaming Road Tour
College Station, TX 03/23 Open House: Museum of the American GI


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