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Is the All-New VK 45.03 Right for You?

Powerful German Weaponry

The never-before-seen VK 45.03 is like a mobile version of the Tiger, dishing out a bit less damage per minute. It's a fun heavy tank, but isn't necessarily for everyone, and even still, it's practice that makes a master.

Want to know if it's right for you? Read on for our tank profile!

Summary | Loadout


The Good

  • Well-known 8.8cm 43 L/71 gun: precise shots, quick reload and great penetration 
  • Fairly mobile for a heavy tank; great for moving around and attacking enemy weak spots
  • A health pool of 1,400 helps keep you (and that gun!) in battle longer
  • Quick traverse speed allows quick change of tactics

The Bad

  • The tracks break at the slightest hit, so don't leave without a Repair Kit!
  • Might struggle when confronting tier IX vehicles. Protect yourself!
  • Less damage per minute than the Tiger, but better gun handling

The Ugly

  • Brawling is ineffective, especially against high-tier heavy tanks. Instead, go "hull-down" and only expose your turret when firing

Reasons to Buy

  • You're looking for a heavy tank that's well-balanced in mobility, firepower and health pool
  • Trains German heavy tank Crews, plays like the lovable Tiger
  • You can earn bucket loads of Credits

Reasons Not to Buy

  • Your prefer sniping (try the Löwe)
  • You like brawling (better in the KV-5 or IS-6)
  • You want to be more competitive at tier IX (we suggest the T34)


These are only suggestions! Feel free to see what works best for you.

Crew Skills & Perks


Take a closer look at the VK 45.03's armor!