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Video Review: History of British tanks

During the Great War, efforts to turn the tide in Europe's favour were met with difficulties as offensive operations were bogged down in deep layered defenses and brought about disappointing results at the cost of massive losses. During those turbulent years, flamethrowers and poison gas made their appearances on the battlefield in an attempt by rival forces to break the stalemate that has plagued the sides and threatened to prolong the tedious war.

It was during this particular time that Great Britain first introduced the tanks into the battlefield. Despite only deploying a modest number of about three dozen tanks, the deed was more than enough to cause the German troops to reel in shock upon seeing the monstrosity dawning upon them.

The introduction of the British tanks was however, anything but smooth sailing. Initial plans to commission these beasts were fraught with perils for they met with fierce opposition internally in the form of the army's Commander, Lord Kitchener who actively opposed their implementation. To make matters worse, piling on to the frustrations were mechanical issues which resulted in several machines being unoperable and thus, undeployable for combat.

Find out, in the video below, how the British overcame all obstacles to bring about legendary classics like the Valentine and Centurion - prominent features which are visible in World of Tanks today.

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